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Are you looking for instructions on vaginal douching and are interested in adopting the practice of hygiene? What are some of the essential things that you need to know about using a vaginal enema? If you are new to the practice, then these are probably some of the concerns that you have in mind.

While you may have only heard about vaginal douching recently, the practice is not new. It was a practice amongst women in the early 1900s as an integral part of feminine hygiene. Despite falling into obscurity over the decades, douching offers a viable means of cleansing vaginal discharges and preventing bacterial infection. Still, you have to wonder — in an age when most women are accustomed to using sanitary pads, tampons and feminine wash, is there a good reason to add vaginal douching to the list?

Why consider vaginal douching?

You will find that many health experts still recommend the occasional use of a vaginal enema and not without good reason. ?No other process is as direct and straightforward when it comes to clearing the vagina of odour and discharges that may serve as breeding ground for infection. Women can also turn to vaginal douching as a means of alleviating discomfort during their menstrual cycle.

Where to buy a vaginal douche?

You can buy a vaginal enema from local medical stores in your area. If you are having trouble finding one that stocks the enema product that you need or if you are too embarrassed to walk into an actual store, you can buy what you need over the Internet through reputable distributors online. Doing so is not only convenient, but you can also benefit from some of the best prices in the market.

What you should know about using a vaginal douche

Before getting into vaginal douching, the first step you ought to take is to validate your reasons for getting into the practice. In this regard, it would be helpful to clear out some common misconceptions that people often have about douching. For one thing, douching does not protect women from sexually transmitted infections nor does it have any contraceptive applications. Vaginal douching also does not help with an existing infection that may cause itching and a burning sensation in the private part. If these are your reasons for learning how to use a vaginal douche correctly, then it would be best to discuss the matter with your healthcare provider.

Now that we have the misconceptions out of the way, it is time to get into the proper use of a vaginal douche. It is not as hard as you might think as you can see from the following steps:

  1. Start by washing the vaginal area with mild soap and warm water. Doing so cleans the outside of any gunk or sweat which you do not want to deal with while douching.
  2. Examine your douching product and make sure that it is in top condition with no unusual smell or colour that may trigger infections or allergic reactions.
  3. Lie down on your left side as though you are taking a suppository. Doing so will facilitate the flow of fluid from the douche into your vaginal area. For the same reason, it is considered the best position for taking a suppository.
  4. Carefully insert the douche nozzle about 2.5 cms into the vaginal area and squeeze it to get the liquid going. Keep pushing up until you have used all of the liquid and you are satisfied that you have thoroughly cleansed your private part.

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