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Are you wondering about the different kinds of enemas that are available to you? Which type is best for the purpose you have in mind? These are both excellent questions and something that you are probably wondering about if you are new to enemas.


In this piece, we will take a look at some of the most common types of enemas that you can take and administer. More importantly, you will obtain a good understanding of how a particular kind of enema works and can be of benefit to you.


Using tap water for your home enema kit

What is a tap water enema? As the name suggests, it is a type of enema that uses clean, ordinary tap water. You can think of it as an internal bath for your colon and lower intestines.


The idea of injecting water into your rectum is not so strange when you consider the fact that the average individual can hold several kilograms of waste embedded in their colon and intestine. The water softens the accumulated waste deposits and stimulates the bowel movement. Hence many people report feeling healthier and several pounds lighter following the procedure.


While water is sufficient for most enemas, you can add in certain things like organic coffee if the goal is more than just cleansing embedded waste and faecal matter. Also, keep in mind that tap water is a hypotonic solution which means that it can pull electrolytes from your body causing an imbalance. Drink plenty of water before starting a tap water enema to mitigate this effect.


DIY cleansing enema kit

In a cleansing enema, different types of fluid can be used such as soapsuds, apple cider and organic coffee. The procedure can involve the utilisation of the small or large volume of liquid. In the case of home cleansing enema, people are limited to the former due to lack of specialised colonics equipment.


One highly recommended type of cleansing enema comes in the form of organic coffee. In addition to cleansing the colon, caffeine has the desired effect of stimulating bile production when introduced to the liver. Coffee also raises glutathione levels in the body which explain why most holistic experts widely regard it as the ultimate detox solution.


So what is a cleansing enema used for? Different types of enema solutions can cater to specific conditions. For example, an apple cider enema solution can be used to fight off viral infections and eliminate mucous build up. Hence the latter is often recommended for people with asthma or nasal congestion.


Return flow warm water enema for constipation

What is a return-flow enema used for? Also known as the “Harris Flush”, holistic experts often recommend the latter in treating constipation by eliminating intestinal gas and stimulating peristalsis (muscle-like contractions in the digestive tract).


Return flow enemas call for a large volume of warm water that you can take incrementally (100 or 200 ml at a time). The person taking the enema can then expel the fluid along with the flatus causing the digestive problem and relieving constipation.
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