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Internal cleansing is an integral element towards optimum wellness. As the body accumulates toxins from food, water, and air that we consume, it is necessary that excess wastes are eliminated efficiently to ensure that all body systems function optimally. Besides the routine excretory functions of the body?s detoxification pathways, we also need to take additional steps to help them expel wastes from time to time. This is where enema and its benefits enter.

This article serves as a helpful guide on how to administer an enema, its benefits, how to choose ingredients to use, and the history of enema and how it grew into one of the most popular detox methods today.

History of Enema

Enema has been around for centuries. It was documented by the ancient Egyptians as a potent means of providing pain relief and discomforts from common ailments and medical conditions. Other ancient civilisations followed suit and regarded enema as an effective means of getting rid of waste materials that the body collects over time.

Clear water enema is the standard form of enema that is used for various applications. It is one of purest methods of detoxification as it only makes use of distilled water. When performing an enema, liquid is introduced into the colon rectally. An enema kit is used to infuse water safely and efficiently to the colon. Just like any other enema procedure, it is imperative that users follow steps in proper order and use the right ingredients at recommended dosages to ensure efficacy and to avoid the occurrence of side effects and complications.

Water is not the only liquid that can be used for enemas. Different liquids have different beneficial effects on our body. The most common forms of enema are as follows:

  • Simple colon cleansing

Colon cleansing enema is indicated for those who are about to undergo surgery or diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy. Besides distilled water, normal saline solution or soap water may be used to eliminate impacted fecal waste and excessive gas from the colon.

The volume of water or liquids used during a colon cleansing procedure depends on factors such as patient?s age and current healthy condition among many others. Typically, adults who undergo colon cleansing either at-home or at a clinic is between 500 and 1000 ml.?

  • Medicated enema

Medicated enemas are those that are utilised to infuse medications to the colon via the rectum. Here are the different types of medicated enema:

  • Carminative enema

Carminative or anti-spasmodic enema is indicated for individuals who has accumulated gas in the abdomen. Its main action is to initiate peristalsis or the movement of smooth muscles along the intestinal canal.

The most common carminative solutions used are molasses, milk, and terpentine.

  • Purgative enema

As the name implies, this type of enema is used to stimulate the contraction of digestive muscles, also known as peristalsis. The goal is to empty the bowel of impacted fecal wastes and toxins.

The most popular solutions used for purgative enema are oxygall, castor oil, and a mixture of glycerin and water.

  • Anti-helminthic enema

To kill parasitic worms and similar microorganisms, anti-heminithic enema is ordered. For best results, soap water enema is administered prior to the infusion of hypertronic solution into the colon.

  • Oil enema

Is typically ordered for those who suffer from chronic constipation. The oil used in this enema effectively loosens up fecal matter that may have clogged along the colon. Besides chronic and severe constipation, oil enema is also ordered after surgical procedure of the rectum and perineum to effectively reduce the amount of pressure and avoid injuries or perforation of sutures.

The most common oils used during an oil enema procedure are castor oil, sweet oil, and olive oil.

  • Astringent enema

Astringent enema is procedure that alleviates inflammation, bleeding, and presence of mucosal discharge in the colon. It is usually ordered for people who suffer from colitis and dysentery.

The most common astringent solution used for this enema is 2% silver nitrate, alum, and Tannic acid.

The Enema that Well All Need to Try- Coffee Enema

Coffee enema is simply one of the most popular forms of enema and detox technique in the world. It returned to the limelight when influential figures such as Gwyneth Paltrow shared her success story using coffee enema in removing toxins and wastes from the body.

Coffee enema is an alternative wellness approach that aims to eliminate harmful toxins in the liver by introducing beneficial coffee compounds in the colon, which then travels to the liver for optimum detoxification.

It was in the 1930s when coffee enema was first popularised and introduced to the public. Dr. Max Gerson, a renowned figure in the realm of alternative medicine, included coffee enema as part of his comprehensive treatment approach to cancer known as the Gerson Cancer Therapy. According to him, coffee enema contains beneficial compounds which help the liver in removing toxins that are in high concentrations among cancer patients. Traditional cancer protocols produce high amounts of toxins which then give rise to the development of unpleasant symptoms that cancer patients encounter during their course of traditional cancer therapies.

The Gerson Cancer Therapy involves the consumption of high amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, coffee enema up to 6 times daily, and minerals supplementation.

At present, coffee enema is still being followed by cancer patients under the Gerson Cancer Therapy as well as healthy individuals whose goal is to improve their liver function as well as improve their quality of life through safe, effective alternative medicine.

The Benefits of Coffee Enema

Coffee enema may be an unconventional means of introducing coffee in our bodies, but it has proven itself as one of the best means to achieve wellness fast! Here are some of the popular benefits of coffee enema:

  • Coffee compounds such as caffeine and palmitates stimulate the liver to remove toxins that have accumulated within the organ over time. In addition, it also improves the overall excretory function of the liver.
  • The second most popular benefit of coffee enema is colon cleansing. For those suffering from constipation, a coffee enema effectively flushes out impacted fecal materials by softening them up which paves the way to fast and efficient elimination.
  • Coffee enema is also instrumental in boosting energy levels.
  • Regular coffee enema also enhances overall immune system functioning.
  • The systemic detoxification action of coffee enema helps clear skin inflammatory conditions such as in the case of cystic acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

How to do a coffee enema at home?

People diagnosed with chronic medical conditions are advised to perform coffee enema as an adjunct treatment to traditional treatment protocols. It is important to keep in mind that coffee enema does not treat any conditions, but alleviate pain, discomfort, and unpleasant symptoms of illnesses and diseases.?

For healthy individuals, coffee enema of at least once a week are known to deliver the following advantages:

  • Detoxified colon which translates to regular bowel movement and increased absorption of nutrients along the colon wall.
  • A detoxified colon also speeds up metabolism and restores digestive function; both of which result in quick and safe weight loss results.
  • Detoxified liver means a healthy production of bile which emulsifies fats and helps in the transportation of toxins from the liver and away from the body through effective elimination.
  • Coffee enema compounds trigger the production of the body?s master anti-oxidant, glutathione S-transferase. This enzyme kills free radicals and toxins in the bloodstream.

During a coffee enema procedure, you will need the following ingredients and tools:

  • A coffee enema kit consisting of stainless-steel bucket, silicone-grade tubing, enema clamp, and nozzle
  • Organic coffee beans (light to medium roast is recommended for coffee enema)

Coffee enema kits brought online include step-by-step instructions on how you can prepare coffee enema liquid at the comfort of your own home. It is ideal to follow the dosages and instructions carefully for best results.

Organic light to medium coffee beans contains the highest amounts of caffeine and palmitates- the two compounds that are responsible for the liver detox and colon cleansing effects to the body.

Coffee enema is a retention-type enema which means you will need to hold the coffee solution in the colon for up to 15 minutes. This gives enough time for beneficial coffee compounds to reach the liver via the hepatoportal vein.

Make sure to have all the tools and ingredients complete before starting coffee enema at home. It is also recommended to implement a colon cleansing, clear water enema prior to coffee enema for best results.


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