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Little Known Benefits of Coffee Enemas

Are you wondering about the benefits of coffee enemas and whether there?s actually any truth behind it all? It?s a good question especially when most people tend to find the practice odd at best. After all, who would have thought that something good could come out of using organic coffee as an enema solution? Still, most people aren?t too keen about having to inject anything up their anus. Look past it though and you?ll find that there are a number of perfectly good reasons to do a coffee enema.

In this piece, we?ll tackle a few notable benefits of doing a coffee enema. Such information should address any doubts you might have regarding the matter.

Coffee enemas for cancer

If you?ve done some research about coffee enemas then you?d know that it was initially developed as an effective cancer treatment by renowned German-born American physician Dr. Max Gerson. The good doctor believed that the growth of cancer cells are a direct result of high toxin levels in the body due to accumulated waste deposits embedded in the colon and liver.

The caffeine in the enema solution accelerates bile production in the liver removing accumulated toxins in the body that are impossible to remove any other way. As a result, the body is better able to cope with the cancer growth and may even reverse its progress. In the same way, coffee enemas for autoimmune diseases can also be held as a beneficial side effect as there are far fewer toxins that the body has to deal with.

Before his death, Dr. Gerson published a total of 50 case studies as proof that coffee enemas for cancer is indeed a viable treatment for the dreaded disease. Sadly, the results of his studies remains highly contested today and the subject of much debate in the medical community.

Coffee enemas and weight loss

Yet another little known benefit of a coffee enema is that it can actually help with weight loss. It is said that the amount of embedded toxins in the body can weigh as much as 5 lbs or more. A cleaner colon also serves to boost one?s metabolism making it easier for the body to shed excess pounds as it does not have to devote much energy detoxifying the body. This explains why some people just can?t seem to lose any weight no matter how hard they exercise or maintain a low calorie diet.

Are coffee enemas good for your liver?

Certainly and it?s in fact the primary benefit behind coffee enemas. Coffee in itself is a highly potent antioxidant but what most people don?t realise is that its even more effective when introduced directly to the liver. That?s exactly what a coffee enema accomplishes and the benefit is further reinforced by the improved production of glutathione in the body; yet another powerful antioxidant and one that has benefits that are well documented particularly in the skin care industry.

In any case, a coffee enemas gives the liver a helping hand in shaking off embedded waste and toxin deposits that have accumulated in the liver. It?s functions after all is to filter out the waste and toxins entering the bloodstream. Over time, this filter can get clogged up greatly reducing it?s efficiency. A coffee enema sorts out the clog so to speak revitalising the liver and the entire body overall.

How many coffee enemas per day?

Now that you?ve learned a few of the amazing benefits behind coffee enemas, you might be wondering – how many times do you actually have to do it? Well that depends on your reasons for taking it. As an alternative cancer treatment, the ?Gerson Therapy? recommends taking a coffee enema daily 4 to 6 times a day. That?s about once every 3 to 4 hours every day.

How many coffee enemas to cleanse the liver? Well as a detox solution, you certainly don?t need to take it as much. Most health experts recommend taking a coffee enema once or twice in a week to maintain a clean and healthy colon.

Would you like to learn more? Do check out ?Coffee Enemas Australia! We have everything you need to get started and take your first few steps towards reaping the benefits of coffee enemas!


  • July 21, 2017


    Hello, yesterday I made my first coffee enema. Is it normal to have a strong sweating on the extremities (palms of the hands), but especially on the feet soles,
    completely wet with sweat while I was holding the liquid in the colon (a little more than 1 quart) for 10-15 minutes? Is it a sign that toxins were coming out of my body? And this kind of enema seem more difficult to hold for me respect to my 2qts chamomile enema (I had a lot of cramps and some tears, never experienced with chamomile, which is for me pleasant and relaxing). Is it normal?

    • July 22, 2017

      Sarah Kammigan

      Hi Debby,
      We havent heard of anyone experiencing strong sweating during an enema before. If you are ever unsure, I would suggest consulting your heath care professional. Maybe the coffee solution was too strong for your, hence the symptoms you experienced.

  • July 23, 2017


    I returned to my chamomile, after another trial with coffee, with same problems of local sweating on hands and soles. Using chamomile I never have had a problem in many years. Maybe coffee (even rather diluted) is not for me. Many thanks. Debby


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