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Little Known Benefits of Coffee Enemas


  • Debby () ·

    Hello, yesterday I made my first coffee enema. Is it normal to have a strong sweating on the extremities (palms of the hands), but especially on the feet soles,
    completely wet with sweat while I was holding the liquid in the colon (a little more than 1 quart) for 10-15 minutes? Is it a sign that toxins were coming out of my body? And this kind of enema seem more difficult to hold for me respect to my 2qts chamomile enema (I had a lot of cramps and some tears, never experienced with chamomile, which is for me pleasant and relaxing). Is it normal?

    • Sarah Kammigan () ·

      Hi Debby,
      We havent heard of anyone experiencing strong sweating during an enema before. If you are ever unsure, I would suggest consulting your heath care professional. Maybe the coffee solution was too strong for your, hence the symptoms you experienced.

  • Debby () ·

    I returned to my chamomile, after another trial with coffee, with same problems of local sweating on hands and soles. Using chamomile I never have had a problem in many years. Maybe coffee (even rather diluted) is not for me. Many thanks. Debby

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