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Fight cancer with coffee enema, Image by Coffee Enemas Australia

Did you know that it is possible to treat cancer with holistic alternatives that cause no bodily harm? In modern medicine, the conventional approach has always been chemotherapy and radiation treatment. While they do work and kill off cancer cells, the problem with both is that they also damage healthy cells further weakening the body. There has to be a better way, and that is exactly what Dr Max Gerson thought when he developed the “Gerson Therapy”.


Coffee enemas to reverse cancer by detoxification

You might be wondering – what is the Gerson treatment? Well simply put, the latter is a holistic treatment developed by a German-American doctor by the name of Dr Max Gerson who then began using it in 1928 as an alternative treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases. At the heart of therapy lies the use of coffee enemas along with a natural, plant-based diet that consists of raw fruit and vegetable juices. The goal is to substantially detoxify the body and leverage its’ natural ability to heal itself of diseases.


It is a known fact that increased toxicity in the body is instrumental to the growth of dreaded cancer cells. If that is true, then the first step towards reversing cancer growth ought to be the reduction of overall toxic levels in the body. You can do just that with daily doses of coffee enema under Gerson therapy.


Indeed a major part of Gerson therapy as a holistic cancer treatment revolve around the use of coffee enemas to flush out embedded waste and faecal matter in the liver and colon. ?Cancer patients can turn to coffee enemas to detoxify themselves and give the immune system the opportunity it needs to heal and restore the body. Caffeine introduced internally through an enema has the desired effect of boosting liver functions (bile production) and stimulating deep bowel movement strong enough to loosen waste and faecal matter lodged in the colon and small intestines of the body.


Taking coffee enemas to recover from cancer

While the medical community does not support taking coffee enemas as a form of cancer treatment, many have found much success in the said treatment, particularly in the early stages.


In one study, a group of patients that took a coffee enema for lung cancer experienced an excellent 5-year survival rate thanks to improved kidney and liver functions in the body. One man by the name of William Hetzler recovered from lung cancer after six months of Gerson therapy. Before the treatment, the man was given a ?terminal diagnosis by doctors at Long Beach Hospital who also told him that he had only 3 to 4 months to live if he does not start chemotherapy immediately. It is cases like these that make coffee enemas and Gerson therapy well worth considering especially with people who have found no success with traditional cancer treatment. After two years of strict Gerson therapy and taking coffee enemas, the same doctors ultimately declared him cancer-free.


Coffee enema for weight loss

So are coffee enemas only for people looking to prevent and treat cancer? Not necessarily so and the procedure has a broad range of other benefits that make it ideal for just about anyone looking to live a healthier and higher quality of life.


One other notable benefit of taking coffee enemas is that it helps with weight loss. The amount of waste and toxic deposits eliminated following the procedure can weigh several pounds making people feel lighter and healthier immediately after the procedure. The detoxifying effect of coffee enemas also gives the body more energy to burn off excess fat deposits thereby helping with your weight loss efforts. If you are having trouble losing weight no matter how hard you exercise and eat healthily, then coffee enemas might just be the final piece that your are missing.

Would you like to learn more about how coffee enemas can be a viable and holistic treatment for cancer? Perhaps you would like to see more stories about cancer survivors who found a new lease on life thanks to Gerson therapy? Call “Coffee Enemas Australia” today on 0414 064 491.

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