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Image of a cancer patient looking to try Gerson Therapy

Are you interested in an alternative and more holistic approach to cancer treatment and prevention? Perhaps you have heard all about how traditional treatments like chemotherapy can do the body more harm than good as it kills off cancer and healthy cells alike? If so then you might want to consider Gerson Therapy in Australia and learn about what it can do for you.

Gerson therapy was first conceived by Dr Max Gerson in the early 1930’s describing a detox treatment that he developed to manage his migraine attacks. It was not long after that the doctor realised he could administer the same treatment to treat some degenerative and debilitating conditions as well including cancer. The goal of the treatment is to take on an entirely natural approach to healing by dramatically reducing toxicity levels in the body. How exactly is this so?


Gerson Therapy for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Our body possess the natural ability to heal and detoxify itself with no adverse side effects. Gerson Therapy leverages that knowledge by targeting the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms which in this case is the growth of cancer cells.

While the medical community had always fiercely contested Gerson therapy success rates, it is common knowledge that much of the diseases prevalent in our society nowadays are due to the excessive amounts of toxins entering the body through our diet or the environment. Gerson therapy works on the basis that if cancer growth is the result of increased toxicity levels in the body then reversing the latter ought to mitigate and prevent such problems.

A big part of Gerson therapy in Australia revolves around taking coffee enemas to purge the body of accumulated waste and toxin deposits. ?A cancer patient may be instructed to take a maximum of five coffee enemas daily as the caffeine acts to boost liver functions while the body tries to rid itself of embedded toxins and carcinogens. The holistic cancer treatment also puts patients on a rigid vegetarian diet with minimal fat and salt content. The body obtains much of its nutrition through fresh fruit and vegetable juices that prevent the absorption of additional toxins for the entire duration of the treatment.


Gerson Therapy for Breast Cancer

Despite people in the medical community undermining the success rate of Gerson therapy, many have found it to be reasonably useful in treating cancer growth, especially in the early stages.

Breast cancer patients, in particular, have an excellent 5-year survival rate with better liver and kidney functions shortly after starting treatment. In one study conducted by “The Gerson Institute”, treatment involving one group of patients with premenopausal breast cancer, all survived for five years following the treatment versus the 79 percent average success rate among women receiving conventional treatment.


Gerson Therapy for Lung Cancer

Another type of cancer growth that responds well to Gerson therapy is lung cancer. Patients can expect a better quality of life following the treatment which has fairly better success rates compared to conventional methods.

In most cases, lung cancer patients seek out Gerson therapy when all else has failed – radiation treatment, chemotherapy and the like. One patient by the name of Marcia Schaefer had Thyroid cancer which has further metastasized to her lungs felt she had nothing else to lose when she started the treatment. Fortunately, she was declared cancer-free a year after her initial diagnosis.

Would you like to learn more? Perhaps you are interested to hear more success stories with regards to the Gerson Therapy? We at “Coffee Enemas Australia would certainly love to help! Call us today on ?0414 064 491.


  • July 15, 2017

    Sheralyn Stillert

    I an keen to speak with someone who may be able to give me advice on the gerson therapy please. My mum has vaginal cancer an my husband low grade prostate cancer..

    • July 22, 2017


      Hi Sheralyn, We do have a naturopath we can recommend, I can provide their details if you would like.


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