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The holistic therapy referred to as the coffee enema treatment is a vital part of one of the best alternative cancer treatments in the world – The Gerson Therapy. The ability of coffee enema treatment to quickly remove toxins in the body for detoxification and recovery has generated a considerable amount of support from alternative practitioners. Taking Gerson coffee beans through an enema is often recommended even for individuals who do not have cancer.


So how do you choose the coffee to take for an enema and what are the best kinds of coffee for the procedure? When holistic experts recommend the regular use of coffee enema for health and wellness, it is necessary for you to supply the right kind of coffee for the procedure. There are plenty to pick from, and it helps to know what to look out for when making your decision.


The best kind of coffee for you enema recipe must be caffeinated

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing your enema coffee for therapeutic reasons is it has to be caffeinated. ?Why does caffeinated work and decaf not work? Why are coffee enemas right for you in the first place? Well, this is because the caffeine in coffee stimulates the bile ducts from the liver thus increasing bile production and circulation.


Dr Max Gerson found that the colon absorbs the unbound caffeine obtained through coffee enema through the hemorrhoidal vein. ?The caffeine then proceeds through the veins and into the liver. The process occurs almost instantly and releases environmental and metabolic toxins to the intestinal tract for removal.


Interestingly, caffeinated tea doesn’t work either. ?This is probably because the caffeine descends into the tannins and L-theanine, a water soluble amino acid if it’s brewed. ?These bonds stop the caffeine from opening the bile ducts since they’d need to be metabolised first. ?As enemas skip the digestive process, tea is more inefficient in comparison with coffee for enemas.


It doesn?t matter if you’re allergic to caffeinated coffee or other food and drink comprising this natural stimulant. ?The large majority of people who are allergic to caffeine normally do not have any issue when taking coffee in the form of an enema. ?This is because enemas skip the digestive process and thus absorption of caffeine into the blood is minimal.


Can you use regular coffee for enema?

Any coffee may be used for an enema so long as it is caffeinated. ?That said there are some things you ought to consider to ensure that you get the best results out of the procedure. For one thing, you would want to make sure that you get organic coffee if you are going to use it for therapeutic reasons. Why is this so?


People use coffee enemas primarily for detoxification and therefore introducing chemical residues to the colon should be completely avoided. Unfortunately, traditional coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods on earth. Coffee farmers have been vulnerable to a high degree of compounds while spraying their crops and managing their harvest.


Additionally, the environment surrounding the farms are affected with chemical residues from the water and air. ?A Number of these substances are highly hazardous and harmful to human health. If you’re attempting to detoxify and improve your health with coffee enemas, utilizing organic coffee is just plain common sense.


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