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Heard some great things about doing a coffee enema and looking to get started? If so then you?re probably wondering where to purchase the best coffee for enema along with everything else you need for the procedure. Valuable information for anyone looking to try out coffee enemas for the first time and reap its benefits for themselves.

In this piece, we?ll uncover some of your best options for buying coffee enema supplies and equipment. We?ll also check out a good recipe and general instructions on how to take a coffee enema. Let?s get right to it!


How do you do a coffee enema and purchase what you need for the procedure?

Looking to try a coffee enema for weight loss or detox cleansing? The first step is to obtain the supplies and equipment that you will need for the procedure. Perhaps the most important is buying the coffee. You can buy organic ground coffee from local stores that sell them in your area or get them through online stores. Needless to say, the latter option would be most convenient and you will generally get better prices. We at ?Coffee Enemas Australia? for one do not need to deal with the upfront expenses of operating an actual store and more than happy to pass these savings to consumers.

Purchasing a coffee enema online is remarkably easy; just browse through our fine selections, process your payment and shipping information then everything will be delivered right to your doorstep.
Of course just like buying everything else online, you do have to consider a few important things when buying supplies and equipment for coffee enemas online:

  • Buy only from reputable online stores with a ton of positive feedback. Doing so would go a long way towards avoiding unscrupulous sellers


  • Know exactly what you?re buying; coffee enema equipment come in various types – enema bags, douche bulbs, disposable enema kits. Match your needs and preferences with the enema equipment that you?re most comfortable using


  • Avoid anything made of plastic and stick with enema kits made from rubber or silicone. Plastic or PVC degrades quickly over time and may leak harmful chemicals into the enema solution.


The coffee you will be using for your enema solution should be of the organic variety. Anything less and you can end up shooting yourself on the foot as regular coffee is often manufactured with tons of preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Instead of detoxification, you might just end up adding more toxins into your body. Hardly the coffee enema benefit that you were aiming for.

Steps for a great coffee enema experience

Now that you?ve got a good idea about where buy the coffee that you need for your enema, let?s move on to some general instructions on how you can do a coffee enema at home. It?s not as difficult as you might think and if you?ve purchased a home coffee enema kit, it should come with everything you need to get started along with specific instructions on the matter.

1. The first step is to prepare everything that you?ll need for the procedure. This includes your enema bag, douche or enema bulb irrigator. Whatever your choice of enema equipment, you?d want it to be clean and completely sterile. Anything less can lead to infection and other complications. You will also want to prepare your organic coffee enema solution or opt for ready to use ones whichever suits you best.

2. Decide where you will do the enema.Ideally it should only be a few feet away from the toilet. The urge to evacuate your colon after taking the coffee enema can be difficult to control and you?d want to able to get to the toilet as quickly as possible. Set a few rags on the floor or an old towel in which to lie on; coffee can stain your carpet and flooring which is definitely something you?d want to avoid.

3. Fill your enema bag with water and let it empty completely to make sure that no air remains trapped inside the tubing. You can then fill the container with your coffee enema and hang it at least 2 to 3 feet from the floor. With tubing and nozzles connected, you?re all set for the next step – taking the enema.

4. Lie down on your back or on your side and gently insert the nozzle about 2 inches through your rectum. If it gets too uncomfortable, you can use a water-based lubricant to better facilitate the insertion. Release the clamp on the tubing and let the coffee enema flow into your colon and liver. Stop the flow as soon as you feel fullness or discomfort.

5. Retain the coffee enema solution for a period of at least 12 minutes; the longer the better. If you?re a beginner then you may not be able to hold it in for that long which is perfectly okay. You will gradually get used to the fullness and discomfort over time. Expel the contents of your colon and repeat the process until you?ve used up your enema solution.

6. At this point, you?re done – congratulations on doing your first coffee enema! All that?s left is to clean up and sterilise everything for your next enema treatment.


Coffee enema recipe

Looking to make your own coffee enema solution instead of purchasing ready to use one’s? It?s fairly easy and you can expect to save a bit of money. You can create your own home coffee enema solution with a few simple steps:

1. Take 2 cups of clean filtered water and pour it into a pot. Heat to boiling point.

2. Take 2 spoonfuls of organic ground coffee and mix it in. Stir and leave to boil for a few more minutes

3. Turn off the stove and leave the solution to cool down to a safe and comfortable temperature. Prior to use, the coffee enema solution ought to be no hotter than a baby bottle.


Looking to get started with some of the best deals on coffee enema supplies and equipment? You can expect nothing less out of ?Coffee Enemas Australia?! Call us ?today on 0414 064 491 and get all the help you need for cleansing and deeply satisfying enema experience!

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