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Have you always wanted to try a coffee enema but unsure about how exactly it would benefit you? Perhaps you have heard about it from a friend or family and how it did wonders for their health. In any case, most holistic experts hold coffee enemas in high regard and for a good reason. Hence you would do well to learn about its’ benefits and what it can do for you.


In this piece, we will go over five important reasons why you should consider trying a coffee enema. If you have been on the fence about taking coffee enemas for some time, one of the following reasons may just get you to act and your body will surely thank you for it.


Coffee enema for cancer

One of the most popular reasons why people consider trying a coffee enema is cancer treatment and prevention. If you have done your research on the latter then you would know that it was developed for that purpose by Dr Max Gerson – a German-American Physician credited for creating a holistic cancer treatment coined under his name (The Gerson Therapy). A great deal of that treatment relies on the use of coffee enemas to stop and reverse the growth of cancer cells by dramatically reducing toxin and waste deposits in the body.


The good doctor found that caffeine, when used as an enema, yields the desired effect of boosting bile production and liver functions so that the body is better able to eliminate embedded toxins in the colon and liver. ?It is a known fact that cancer cells thrive in a highly stressful and toxic environment. Hence reversing such conditions should help prevent or cure such dreaded diseases which are the basis of Dr Gerson’s coffee enema instructions.


Testimonials about coffee enema regarding weight loss

Another popular reason why people consider trying a coffee enema is to help shed off excess pounds. The amount of accumulated waste and toxic deposits in the average individual can weigh as much as 3kg. It is not surprising then that people who have tried using an enema report feeling lighter and healthier shortly after the procedure.


The fact that a colon enema deeply cleanses the colon also means that it has a direct effect on the body’s metabolic process. Simply put, the body is better able to spend most of its’ energy burning fatty deposits instead of detoxification. If you have tried just about everything else to lose weight to no avail, then coffee enema for weight loss is a reason well worth considering. It might just be the piece you are missing to jumpstart your weight loss goals.


Reviews on coffee enemas for detoxification

Of course, the most popular reason why people turn to coffee enemas is the purpose of detoxification. After all, the benefits of coffee as a natural antioxidant is well known, and it is one of the reasons why most people enjoy their daily brew. What you may not have realised though is that coffee works even better as an antioxidant when used as an enema.


Shortly after reaching the liver, caffeine rapidly boost the detox functions of the body purifying the bloodstream and raising “Glutathione” levels in the body (a master antioxidant). The presence of these substances is of great help to the liver as it struggles to rid the body of accumulated waste deposits.


Improve mood and cognitive functions

Have you found yourself moody and unable to concentrate most time of the day? Well, it might not just be the weather, and another good reason to try a coffee enema is that many have found that it helps improve their mood and mental processes.


Many studies have shown that coffee aids in mitigating depression and moodiness. It?s not as strange as you might think and if you drink coffee on a regular basis, then you can attest to this benefit yourself. Many are left sluggish and unable to start their day without a good cup of coffee. Such ill-feeling disappears after their caffeine fix, and people can expect the same benefit after taking a coffee enema.


Eliminate parasitic infections

Another good reason why people try coffee enemas is to treat common parasitic infections in the digestive tract such as “Candida”. Fungal infections like “Thrush” tend to thrive in a humid and bacteria-rich environment which is an accurate description of one’s digestive tract. A round of coffee enema can potentially cleanse the intestines of parasites and give your boy the “reboot” it needs to recover from the stubborn infection.


So there you have it – 5 perfectly good reasons to start taking a coffee enema. How often you should do a coffee enema depends on your motivation for doing so. As an alternative cancer treatment, the said enema needs to be taken three to six times daily. As a detox or weight loss treatment, taking it once or twice a week will more than suffice.
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