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Are you new to coffee enemas and are looking for simple instructions on how to get started? Well you?re in luck because that?s exactly what you will uncover in this blog post. We?ll also take a look at some of the most notable benefits of a coffee enema particularly weight loss, treatment for adrenal fatigue and as a potential cure for cancer.

Here are a few basic instructions to get you started:

1. Get everything you need for the coffee enema procedure. The most convenient option would be to purchase a home coffee enema kit that comes with all you require – enema bags, tubes, clamps, hook, enema nozzle and a supply of coffee enema solution. Avoid anything made of PVC or plastic as these gradually leech off chemicals over time. For safe and effective results, stick to rubber or silicone.

2. Designate an area where you?ll be taking the coffee enema. Ideally, it should be near your bathroom if not in it. When the urge hits, you?d want to be able to quickly get to your toilet and expel the contents of your colon without having to make a mess on the floor. Cover the area with clean rags or an old towel. Coffee stains easily and you want to make sure that you get none of it on your carpet or flooring.

3. Hook up everything; connect the tubing to your enema bag and nozzle. Refer to the instructions which came with your enema kit as these could differ. Fill the enema bag with water and release the clamp until fully empty. This is to empty any remaining air in the enema bag and tubes. You can then fill the latter with your coffee enema solution and secure it at least 2 feet off the ground.

4. At this point you?re ready to take the coffee enema. Lay down on your side or on your back, whichever is most comfortable and apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the tip of enema nozzle. Now insert the nozzle 2 to 4 inches into your anus. This can be unsettling especially for beginners but be patient and insert the nozzle gently so as to avoid injuring the tissues around your rectum.

5. Release the clamp on the tubing and allow the coffee enema solution to flow freely into your rectum all the way to your liver and colon. Hold in as much of the solution as you can then clamp the tube to cease the flow. You?ll need to hold the solution in for a period of at least 12 minutes which is about enough time for the caffeine to yield its desirable effects on the liver.

6. Proceed to evacuate the contents of your colon then repeat the process until you?ve used up the rest of your coffee enema solution.

7. Clean up and sterilise everything for your next coffee enema treatment.

Coffee enemas and weight loss

Are you having difficulty losing weight no matter how much you exercise or restrict your calorie intake? A coffee enema might just be the treatment you need to jumpstart your weight loss efforts. Most people don?t realise it but the poor state of one?s colon can have a direct effect on one?s metabolism. Much of the body?s energy is spent on detoxification such that there?s hardly anything left to burn off excess fat deposits. Hence lowering the body?s toxicity levels might just be the missing piece towards achieving your ideal weight.

It is said that the average individual has at least 900 gms of waste and toxin deposits in the body. A staggering amount and all the more reason why people ought to consider getting a coffee enema not necessarily to lose weight but maintain overall health.

Coffee enemas for adrenal fatigue

Yet another good reason to take a coffee enema is to treat adrenal fatigue. Many people suffering from the condition are often hesitant to try a coffee enema for fear that it may overstimulate their adrenal glands which is not necessarily the case. A coffee enema accelerates bile production in the liver where it is more readily absorbed by the body.

It is interesting to note that caffeine taken through an enema affects the adrenal glands far less than drinking it (about 3.5 times less). Granted coffee enemas can interfere with sleep but not nearly as much as a cup of coffee late in the evening. In any case, most people suffering from adrenal fatigue would agree that it?s a minor setback compared to it?s immense benefit of expelling accumulated toxin and waste deposits in the body.

Coffee Enema as a cancer cure

A bold claim about coffee enemas is that it is actually an alternative cure to cancer as stated in the Gerson Therapy – a holistic study by a reputable German-American physician named Max Gerson in 1928. The study stipulates that cancer cell growth is a direct consequence of accumulated toxin levels in the body and that reversing the situation through a coffee enema can actually remedy the situation.

While the use of coffee enemas to cure cancer is still widely contested by the medical community, no one can deny the basis in which the study was founded. Lowering the body?s exposure to toxins definitely has immense benefit and can be considered as a preventive measure against cancer along with a wide range of health ailments – constipation, fatigue, excessive stress, obesity and many more.

Coffee enema recipe

One of the best things about coffee enema is that it?s such a practical thing to do as detox treatment goes. You need not spend hundreds of dollars at a hydrotherapy clinic. All you need is a set of enema equipment and coffee enema solution that you can easily make at home with a few simple steps:

1. Take 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Make sure that that you?re using the organic variety as opposed to commercially available ones that contain a great deal of preservatives and other chemicals. More importantly, the quality of caffeine in organic coffee beans is far superior to its regular counterparts. Dissolve in 2 cups of distilled water.

2. Boil the the solution while stirring gently for about 5 minutes. Strain the solution for excess particles.

3. Set aside the coffee enema solution and let it cool down to a lukewarm temperature. The enema solution ought to be comfortable to the touch prior to use.


That?s it. You?re all ready to go.

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