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Looking to buy an enema kit online?

Are you interested in so called coffee enema kits in Australia but unsure about what to expect? Perhaps you?ve only recently heard about the unusual health practice and wondering about what it can do for you? These are all perfectly good questions and are well worth investigating if only to ensure that make the most out of it.


Now organic coffee enemas aren?t actually new and enema as a detox solution has been around for centuries. It was only in 1928 that concept was taken further by renowned German-American physician Dr. Max Gerson as an alternative form of cancer treatment. The good doctor found that by using organic coffee as an enema solution yielded even better results. Since then Gerson coffee enema kits has soared in popularity even when the subject continues to spark endless debates in the medical community.


Before you think about where you can buy an enema kit, you?d do well to do a fair amount of research regarding the matter. Not all of these kits work and may even prove harmful if you don?t know what to look out for. Below are a few things that people ought to know coffee enema kits in Australia.


Enema kits for constipation and similar health issues

While the medical community doesn?t recognize coffee enema as a form of medical treatment, it has long proven itself as a viable aid towards managing a wide range of health issues. If exercised alongside sensible medical advice, coffee enema help you deal with a number of digestive and metabolic problems including IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and recurring bouts of constipation.


Lowers the body?s toxin levels


A coffee enema is a detox treatment; people know as much but many don?t realise just how powerful it could be. Various studies indicate that taking one or two coffee enemas per week can lower toxin levels in the body by more than 500 percent. A staggering number and it gives a hint as to why coffee enemas are such an integral part of Dr. Gerson?s alternative cancer treatment. This makes sense considering that cancer cells tend to thrive in a highly toxic environment. By lowering toxin levels in the body to such an extent, the doctor has boldly claimed that it can halt and even revert the progress of cancer cells in the body.


Coffee enemas in cancer treatment and prevention


As an alternative form of cancer treatment, Gerson?s coffee enema instructions recommend taking the coffee enema once every 3 to 4 hours daily. That said, there are no guarantees even with standard cancer treatments recognised by the medical community. It ultimately depends on how far the infection has spread and the type of cancer cells in question. For this reason, coffee enemas are best practised as a preventive measure against cancer as well as maintain overall good health.


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