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Regular coffee enemas can do wonders for your health. While most people tend to be squeamish about enemas, results can be pretty amazing. Many find their skin problems ?have cleared ?up and that they are more energetic throughout their day. What if you need to travel though? Full sized enema kits aren?t exactly convenient especially when you find yourself checking in at lodging houses with no private bathrooms. In that case, you?ll need an enema health kit which you can take on your travels. You?ve got to wonder though – how do you go about choosing the right one?

In this blog post, we?ll take a look at a few important things that you might want to consider when choosing a travel enema kit. After all, it helps to know what to look out for if only to make sure that you end up with the perfect enema tools for your travel needs.

What makes a good travel enema bag for colon health?

Now you probably won?t have any trouble finding enema equipment for sale that are labelled as such. However, that?s no reason to be lazy and simply pick one without thinking about whether it?s truly adequate for travelling.

Here are a few things that you?d want to consider:

  • Is it reusable? Disposable enema kits tend to be cheaper but don?t exactly give you any value for your money. Reusable enema equipment for sale will benefit you throughout your travels and are that much easier to store and clean correctly in between uses. Travel enema kits also tend to last much longer, most people tend to take enemas less frequently when travelling. (about once a week at most).
  • Is it lightweight and portable? This is definitely important as it means you can take your enema equipment where you go without much effort. This is purely subjective though; some people are perfectly comfortable taking 2 litre enema bags on their travels while others would prefer something smaller such as an enema bulb irrigator or an enema douche. Avoid anything that you find too difficult to assemble and comes with confusing instructions.
  • Avoid anything with plastic tubing or any PVC parts as these degrade quickly and may leak toxic substances into your enema solution with frequent use. Silicone works great and is much safer as it’s a highly durable material that can last for years. As an added bonus, many silicone enema kits come with a transparent container with capacity measurements indicated at the side. This makes it much easier to use and you can keep track of the enema solution that you?re using at the start and the end of the procedure.
  • Avoid travel enema kits that have enclosed containers such as hot water bottles. This can be an issue with airport security. Also with these enema containers, you can never be sure that it?s completely sterile as you are unable to see through it.
  • Your travel enema kit should come with a hook or fixture that you can use to hang it – this is particularly important for enema bags. You may not have access to sturdy shelves on your travels making your enema equipment that much harder to use if you have to worry about how you?re going to hang it.
  • Ideally, your travel enema kit should come in a small and discreet carry bag. That way you can avoid any embarrassment if someone should see it especially when getting checked out by airport security.

Where to buy travel enema kits?

You can purchase travel enema equipment at a pharmacy or stores that sell medical equipment. Better yet, you can buy everything you need online and have it delivered before you set out on your travels. This is particularly beneficial if you?re in a hurry and simply don?t have the time to go to actual stores.

Ready to get started with travel enema equipment?

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