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The thought of inserting a long silicone tube into your colon may not be pleasant, but what if this tube insertion practice involves the use of coffee that promises you excellent health and wellness benefits? Before you say no to coffee enema, take a comprehensive look at this wellness procedure and how it can help you enjoy the best years of your life ahead.

When did coffee enema start?

Coffee enema has been around for decades. Its detox and pain relief properties were first documented during World War I. With scarce food and medical supplies, painkillers were used for serious injuries and surgeries. To ease the pain and discomfort of soldiers, the healthcare team often used a water enema.

It was only by accident that the healing properties of coffee enema were discovered. A nurse accidentally filled an enema bag with coffee instead of water. The patient that was administered the coffee enema reported a significant reduction in pain. Since then, coffee enema was then used by holistic health practitioners as a means to deliver pain relief.

It was Dr. Max Gerson that introduced coffee enema as an effective means to treat the side effects of cancer. In the 1930s, the Gerson Institute introduced the Gerson Cancer Therapy, a holistic treatment consisting of a strict diet that involved the consumption of large amounts of fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals supplementation and a coffee enema.

According to its supporters, coffee enema helps in detoxing the liver of cancer patients who undergo traditional cancer treatment protocols such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy to name a few. According to the Gerson Cancer Therapists, coffee enema should be performed every four hours to alleviate cancer symptoms including pain and discomfort.

Today, coffee enema is being used by cancer patients as well as individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders. Even healthy individuals have included coffee enema as part of their routine to achieve optimum well-being.

How does coffee enema work?

In order for us to fully appreciate coffee enema, it?s best that we discuss how detoxification works. One of the most crucial detoxification pathways is that which involves these three organs:

  • Liver
  • Gallbladder
  • Intestines
  • The liver is the primary organ system that rids the body of toxins. The liver essentially converts toxins and waste materials into compounds that the body can excrete without causing any permanent damage to our systems.
  • ??The liver produces the enzyme, bile. The main functions of bile are two-fold. First, it escorts the toxins from the liver into the small intestine for proper elimination. Secondly, the bile is a key fat emulsifier, which means that it facilitates proper fat synthesis and excretion.
  • The bile is initially stored in the gallbladder. When a person consumes a meal, the bile is released into the small intestine so that emulsified fat and other toxins are escorted out of our systems.

Our bodies are subjected to high amounts of toxins from the food that we eat. And with the consumption of low-quality fats and other processed food items, the liver is overburdened. The bile produced by the liver becomes thick and sludgy and as a result leads to problems including dysfunction in the body?s natural detox pathways. With the prevalence of digestive dysfunction, we start experiencing symptoms such as constipation, sluggishness, and high risk of developing serious medical conditions including cancer. This is where coffee enema comes in.

Coffee enema works by triggers the same organs we have discussed earlier:

  • The Intestines

Coffee enema liquid solution first enters the colon. The astringent qualities inherent in coffee help get rid of the mucoid plaque that has accumulated in the topmost layer of the colon walls. The mucoid plaque is essentially made up of toxins and wastes that are to be shed for proper elimination. The water component of the coffee enema solution triggers peristalsis, a digestive process that moves nutrients and waste materials along the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract. Waste materials and toxins are eliminated through the regular bowel movement.

  • The Gallbladder

Coffee enema also triggers the production of bile by the gallbladder. The bile then makes its way to the intestines, which leads to the stimulation of peristaltic movements for successful evacuation. The beneficial enzymes in coffee, namely caffeine and palmitates prevent the reabsorption of bile, thus contributing to a successful detox. The body, in its aim to conserve its resources reabsorbs the bile up to ten times. Coffee enema ensures that the bile escorting massive amounts of toxins and wastes exit the body once it reaches the small intestines.

  • The Liver

The caffeine concentration found in coffee enema triggers the production of more bile by the liver. The palmitates or palmitic acids on the other hand stimulates the release of glutathione S-transferase, also known as the body?s master detoxifier. The glutathione produced by the body binds easily to toxins, thus ensuring the elimination of waste materials in an efficient manner. Beneficial enzymes in coffee intensify the liver?s detoxification process, thus making it easier for this excretory organ to work efficiently in the long run.

What are the common misconceptions about coffee enema?

Just like any other holistic health practices, coffee enema receives unending criticisms from medical professionals and individuals who have not experienced using it themselves.

Here are some common misconceptions and the real truth about coffee enema.

  • Coffee enema can wipe out the beneficial flora population in the gut.

According to research, there is no solid evidence that points towards the dangers of coffee enema on gut flora. As coffee enema has a colon cleansing component, it actually gets rid of the dangerous bacteria which contaminates the food that we eat. Coffee enema does not pose any danger to beneficial flora and actually allows it to thrive.

  • You can develop bacterial infection from the use of coffee enema kit.

Since coffee enema is an invasive procedure, users are advised to practice the clean technique when performing one at home. Common sense dictates that you need to clean and disinfect the enema kit before and after use. Coffee enema kits usually come with instructions on how to care for them.

  • You can suffer from serious burns from the hot coffee enema solution.

One of the main rules when performing coffee enema is to let the solution sit for a few minutes or until it?s at room temperature. Do not make the mistake of injecting warm coffee enema as this can result in burns along the rectal canal and the colon walls. Consequently, avoid infusing cold coffee enema as this can shock the system.

  • Coffee enema can lead to electrolyte imbalance.

Due to the diuretic properties of coffee, the enema procedure itself can lead to dehydration. The problem can be easily remedied by rehydration after the enema procedure. You can do this by increasing water intake as well as consuming drinks that contain electrolytes. A quick and inexpensive way to rehydrate is to add unrefined sea salt in your water to combat dehydration.

  • Regular coffee enema can result in the body?s dependence on practice.

Dependence is an issue that you should not fear from regular coffee enemas. As the colon is thoroughly cleansed by the procedure, you don?t have to worry about dealing with constipation again. Given that you eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, you do not have to worry about performing coffee enema regularly.

  • Regular coffee enema can result in rectal perforation.

As the anal sphincter does not have its own lubrication, you need to use natural lubes for the introduction of silicone tubing during an enema. You can use coconut oil or olive oil to lubricate the tip of the tube. Rectal perforation only becomes a problem if you do not lubricate the sphincter and the tube.

What are the contraindications for coffee enema?

Although coffee enema is considered 100% safe and natural, there are a few contraindications that you need to know.

  • If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, it may be wise to consult with your doctor first.
  • If you are suffering from heavy metal toxicity, it may be best to start with plain water enema before moving on to coffee enema detox.
  • If you are diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, cancer of the colon, or other serious bowel-related ailments, it is again recommended to consult with your doctor before performing a coffee enema.
  • If you are an expectant mother, you should not perform a coffee enema. You can proceed with coffee enema after delivery or once you have been cleared by your doctor.
  • Coffee enema may not be the best detox option if you are allergic or hypersensitive to caffeine. You can however get the same colon cleansing effects by performing a plain water enema or colon hydrotherapy instead.

Now that you are aware about the fundamentals of coffee enema, you?re ready to buy your own coffee enema kit. Check out the enema kits that we sell here. You may also reach us at 0414 064 491 today.

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