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Image of a coffee beans storage containers by Coffee Enemas

Are you interested in finding out how to store your coffee beans and keep them fresh for as long as possible? It is not as difficult as you might think and you can start by learning a few important things about the product that you are looking to store.


Four things adversely affect the freshness of your coffee beans – air, heat, light and moisture. Coffee starts to diminish after roasting, so these factors come into play even before you buy your coffee beans from the store. ?The best coffee beans in the market all come in opaque sealed containers. Look for the ones with one-way valves that permit the gases from the coffee beans to escape without allowing any air to enter the container. Such a feature keeps the coffee beans fresh for much longer.


Coffee storage canister

You will find no shortage of options when it comes to storage canisters for your coffee beans. Look for ceramic, tinted glass or non-reactive metal containers that block out outside air and moisture. ?You can opt for clear containers but only if you keep them in a cold, dark place.


Whatever storage canister you choose, it is important that you opt for a container with a one-way seal that will help keep your coffee beans fresh by releasing the CO2 buildup from the roasting process. Some containers even come with a vacuum seal that will enable you to pump out any remaining gases inside the container.


How long can you store coffee beans?

So how long can you keep coffee beans? If stored properly, ground coffee beans can last 3 to 5 months and up to 6 months for whole coffee beans. Of course, for optimal freshness, we do not recommend holding on to coffee beans for that long. No matter how good of a container you have, coffee beans start to lose its freshness after roasting.


Can you store coffee in the freezer?

Do you keep coffee beans in the fridge? Can you freeze coffee beans? The short answer is yes you can but there are a few things you need to know. While the fridge is a cool place to store your coffee beans, it creates moisture in the container which is one of the things you would want to avoid. Moisture can spoil your coffee beans and ruin the taste. If you are going to be using the coffee beans every day, then the fridge is not where you ought to be keeping them as it is far too humid not to mention the temperature fluctuations as you take the coffee beans in and out of the fridge creating more condensation inside the container.


The only reason you ought to be storing coffee beans in the fridge is if you are buying in bulk and will not be using the beans for some time. Take only the amount that you will be using on a regular basis and keep it in a cool, dry area away from heat and moisture.


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