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Here?s How Coffee Enema Raise Our Health and Wellness article image by Love Thyself

Coffee enema is a colon cleansing procedure that was developed primarily to facilitate the removal of toxins from the liver. This detox practice offers speedy relief from health issues such as migraine and chronic fatigue, among others. Wellness practitioners recommend the use of organic coffee enema to alleviate symptoms related to chest pain, muscle spasms, and other difficulties related to acute withdrawal symptoms.

Coffee used for enema stimulates the liver which then produces more bile. The increased production of bile then dilates the bile ducts, causing the bile to flow into the small intestine. During this detox process, a liver which has been impaired due to toxic buildup will release wastes into the bile which will then be redirected to the intestine for eventual release from the body.

The benefits of coffee enema extend to pain relief as well. People undergoing conventional cancer treatment experience pain relief and comfort when they include an enema detox as part of their overall treatment..

If you think that drinking coffee has similar detox effects to the liver, then you may be mistaken. Ingesting coffee actually has an opposite effect on the liver. Retention of coffee enema solution within the colon helps to release more bile which will then be excreted immediately via the rectum.

Drinking too much coffee in fact can cause more harm than good. Here are some side effects associated with excessive intake of caffeine-based drinks:

  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Sleeplessness
  • Stomach irritations
  • Palpitations
  • Overexcited adrenal glands
  • General toxicity

A coffee enema using the right ingredients and performed according to instructions will not bring about unwanted side effects.

If you?re looking into integrating coffee enema as part of a regular detox routine, make sure to purchase reusable tools and equipment. It?s also practical to buy coffee beans in bulk. There are enema kits that include coffee beans as part of their package. You may also purchase coffee beans separately.Make sure all equipment and tools used for a coffee enema are thoroughly washed and dried before storing them in a cool, dry place.

If this is your first time to perform a coffee enema at home, here are instructions on what to do:


  1. Coffee -?The coffee should be organic and lightly roasted. Most holistic experts will tell you that light roast, caffeinated Robusta is the best type of coffee bean blend for enema.
  2. Sea Salt
  3. Chlorophyll capsules
  4. Essential oils
  5. Coffee maker
  6. Mesh or strainer
  7. Enema kit including tube, clamp, hose, and bucket
  8. Non-petroleum lubricant including coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe vera
  9. Pitcher
  10. Clean towels and paper towels

What to do before the enema?

Prime your colon by doing a clear water enema first. You can do this until the water coming out runs clear. A colon with less impaction will find it easier to retain the coffee solution for 15 minutes.

The second type of enema is salt water. Combine sea salt with filtered water. This solution will help in regulating electrolyte imbalance. You may the use essential oils to protect the skin and remove toxins. ?

Why is coffee enema so popular?

Coffee enema is a simple but highly potent type of cancer therapy. ?Since The Gerson Institute introduced this treatment, cancer patients have been using it as adjunct therapy with traditional treatment protocols.

After 15 minutes of retaining a coffee solution, you will feel an urge to empty your bowels. Not only will you be clearing up impacted fecal waste but this procedure also removes toxins from other parts of the body.

With the growing demand for coffee enema, it is important for us to include it as part of our wellness routine. You can choose from a wide array of coffee blends to use for an enema. The most common among these are caffeinated, decaf, light roast, unroasted green, medium roast and dark roast blended. In the next few minutes, you will discover what type of coffee and what type of roast boosts the benefits of using coffee enemas

Coffee Enema Solution Rules

The major characteristic of coffee for enema is that it should be light roast. ?If you can find organic unroasted coffee beans, it is even better. Coffee contains palmitic acids and caffeine- enzymes that help clear the body?s natural detox pathways.

Most importantly, caffeine also helps the liver to perform more efficiently at all times.

Never use decaf coffee since there is zero caf? concentrations, thus there are no therapeutic benefits.

Caffeinated beverages that contain high doses of this powerful caffeine stimulate the production of bile that is produced by the liver. The bile then collects in the intestine and is flushed away via the rectum.

The introduction of caffeine results in the dilatation of bile ducts, which then leads to the release of antioxidants that assist the body?s detoxification pathways. The bile then breaks down more waste materials and toxins that may have accumulated in the colon for an extended period of time.

Bear in mind that coffee is the only caffeinated beverage that you can use for an enema. Although tea and other refreshments contain some caffeine, they are not enough to stimulate the production of bile. Coffee that is high in caffeine and palmitic acids may also be used to produce glutathione S-transferase- a natural compound that eliminates free radicals from the body.

Can I do an enema even if I have allergic reactions to caffeine?

If you?re suffering from caffeine hypersensitivity, you don?t have to worry about coffee enema. You can still reap the benefits from an enema as caffeine introduced into the body via the rectum does not have stimulating effects. The caffeine and other compounds do not enter the bloodstream, but instead remain in the hepatic vein where it helps the liver to cleanse the entire body.

What are the other considerations when performing enemas:

  • You may use any coffee type or blend, provided the solution is caffeinated. Make sure that the beans you purchase from the coffee shop or grocery is caffeinated and not decaf.
  • Always choose organic coffee. This is one of the most important pointers to take note of when shopping for coffee enema beans. Store-bought coffee beans are one of the most toxic, as they contain chemicals, ?pesticides and fertilisers. You are performing an enema to detox. The use of normal coffee defeats the purpose of undergoing enemas.
  • Opt for single origin whole coffee beans. If you want your liver and colon to experience optimum detox, invest in single original whole bean coffee beans. As a rule, single origin coffee beans receive better level of care during production. Store-bought coffee may consist of coffee beans from different sources which can significantly affect the quality of the product as a whole. The caffeine and the palmitic acids concentrations can either be high or low.
  • Choose wet processed coffee beans over dry processed coffee beans. According to experts, wet processing of coffee beans has lesser toxins and molds, and are thus safer to consume. Wet processing is also popular due to its more sustainable production system .
  • Opt for beans that are not too oily. Dry beans are last longer. On the other hand, beans that are too oily spoil easily. To ensure quality and freshness, only buy whole bean coffee beans that are tightly sealed in bags.
  • Identify where the coffee beans were grown and cultivated. The best organic coffee beans for enema solution are those grown close to the equator.
  • Check the harvest date. This will help you determine the amount of coffee beans that you need. Buying in bulk is a waste of money. Unless you are planning to give the rest away, it?s best to simply store a small amount of coffee beans for enema purposes.
  • Take note of the roasting date. You only want the freshest coffee beans for powerful enema detox results. Pick roasted coffee beans that were roasted one to two weeks before the date of purchase.

We hope this information will give you the confidence to give detox cleansing a try. If you want to know more about the best coffee enema solutions, we highly recommend that you check out more information that we have here. If you?re looking to buy your first ever coffee enema set, click here to buy or place your order by calling us on 0414 064 491.

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