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A Guide To Choosing The Best Enema Products And Solutions For Home Use article image by Enema Kits Australia

A lot of people hesitate to speak up when the topic of enema comes up during health and wellness discussions. Enema was traditionally associated with men and women who used it in preparation for anal intercourse. While this is true, there is so much more to enema than just anal cleansing. It?s a holistic practice that improves our overall sense of health and wellness.

Why should you do an enema at home?

Are you hesitant of buying home enema products? Well, you should not be as we are going to explain to you why it is of utmost important to perform enemas on a regular basis.

When we consume foods such as rice, pastries, sweets, meat, carbonated beverages, coffee, pastas, alcohol, and certain medications, the body produces a large amount of mucous to protect the intestines from the toxins they contain. The more we eat processed foods, the more difficult the body finds it to eliminate undigested materials. Over time, a thick layer of mucous coats the colon, which in turn reduces its ability to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream.

Eat raw and organic fruits and vegetables are paramount if you want to keep your gut health in peak functioning. Following a balanced and healthy diet will ensure that our gastrointestinal tract digests food and absorbs nutrients without any problems.

The accumulation of mucous in the colon reduces the potency of pancreatic fluids in breaking down thick mucoid layers. Over time, the impacted mucous will affect the overall functioning of the intestine. The hardening of the mucoid layer reduces the amount of nutrients that penetrate the lining of the colon and into the bloodstream.

The reduced ability to absorb nutrients will make our body weaker. The digestive process becomes slower, too. The inability of the body to eliminate toxins, along with the colon?s reduced nutrient absorbing qualities result in the rotting of food materials in the gut. You create more toxins as days pass. An imbalanced gut flora is also a sign that your body is suffering from a toxic colon. Other symptoms that arise from a toxic colon are a potbelly, diverticuli, colitis, excessive gas, and colitis just to name a few.

A colon functioning optimally should release toxins 18 hours after consumption. The longer undigested food is held in the colon, the more putrefaction happens within its walls. When the bowel tone and condition are bad, constipation, indigestion, and bloating ensue.

Although toxins are released through the skin, liver, and kidney, the main elimination pathway is still via the colon. Our natural elimination pathways may not be enough to get rid of all toxins and impurities. You need to utilise an effective detox technique to release all these waste materials, so toxins don?t get absorbed by the intestinal walls and into the bloodstream. Whilst fasting stops the entry of more toxins in our system, it does nothing to flush them away. This is where an enema comes in!

Holistic wellness experts recommend fasting and enema as an excellent way to jumpstart a detox. Introducing a fast into your routine together with an enema will help eliminate impacted fecal matter quickly, control hunger pangs, and pave the way to colon repair and rejuvenation.

Enema Equipment Buying Guide

Before you can actually perform an enema, you need to build your own enema kit. Here are the important components that make up an enema kit for home use.

What is the cost of an enema kit?

An enema kit will depend on the quality and purpose of use. For instance, are you planning to try out an enema only? For single use, you may purchase affordable enema kits that have disposable parts.

However, if you?re looking to include home enema as part of your wellness routine, we highly suggest that you invest in a home enema kit that contains superior quality enema equipment. There are enema kits that consist of materials that can be used multiple times before disposal. The enema solutions are typically bought separately from kits. Coffee grounds may come in prepackaged home enema kits, or you may purchase specialty coffee blends for enema use only.

  • Enema Bucket

An enema bucket is ideal for those who want to use their enema in the long term. Ideally, an enema bucket should be made from stainless steel. There are also enema buckets or bags made from plastic, rubber latex, and silicone. These materials are non-hypoallergenic in general but for those with hypersensitivity issues, we advise you to use an enema bucket made from stainless steel or silicone bags.

  • Clamp

A clamp stops the flow of enema solution along the tube and into the rectum. It also regulates the flow of fluids during an enema procedure. Enema kits usually come with a standard plastic clamp featuring a multi-ratchet mechanism. If you?re using your kit for a long time, you may choose to change or upgrade to an easy-to-use ramp clamp system.

  • Nozzle

A nozzle is placed at one of the two tips of the enema tube. It is typically made from plastic and with rounded edges. The edges are dotted with holes where water flows out into the colon. You can purchase a nozzle separately when your old one becomes worn. Colon tubes usually measure 66 cms. You may opt for longer enema tubes if you wish to do deeper and more intensive colon cleansing.

  • Tube

The length of an enema tube varies across manufacturers, but they?re all long enough to accommodate cleansing of the lower part of the colon. Most of the enema tubes that come standard with enema kits are translucent. This allows you to view the enema solution flowing from the bag and into your colon. One added feature that you can include in your enema kit is a flow meter that allows users to regulate and monitor the flow of solution into the colon.

  • Pump

A pump is an added device that can make your enema more efficient and faster. This tool delivers the solution deeper inside the colon whilst pushing all impacted materials aside. Those who use a pumping system with their enema complain of less side effects such as cramping, leakages, and abdominal discomforts.

Pick enema equipment that is easy to clean. Make sure to dispose of single-use enema kits. Never reuse them as doing so may lead to infection or other gastrointestinal discomfort. You need to clean your equipment with soap solution and sterilize it if possible. Make sure to keep the equipment in a cool dry place to avoid the formation of moulds and growth of disease-causing microbes on their surfaces.

The Different Types of Enema Solutions that you can Use at Home

  • Acidophilus Enema

An enema using solutions which contain acidophilus gently cleanses the colon whilst replenishing its beneficial bacteria reserves. The administration of live culture good bacteria results in a higher chances of survival and reproduction in the colon than when taken orally.

Yogurt or acidophilus is used as a primary solution and is recommended for patients who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer to name a few.

The use of tap water enema carries a risk of washing away the existing gut flora population. It is then advised to take acidophilus enema from time to time, too. ideally, you should follow a regular cleansing enema with an acidophilus enema immediately or perform acidophilus enema once every two weeks.

  • Coffee Enema

The use of coffee for enema was introduced by Max Gerson in the 1930s. He proposed that coffee contains ingredients that stimulate the production of antioxidants while loosening impacted fecal matter in the colon. In addition, caffeine and palmitates are known to enhance the function of glutathione S-transferase in fighting off free radicals resulting in more efficient detox process.

Coffee enemas are recommended for individuals diagnosed with colon cancer. Coffee components including theophylline, caffeine, and theobromine helps in flushing out the contents of the colon whilst efficiently eliminating toxic bile from the liver, too!

Cancer patients are advised to take up to 5 enemas daily to ensure that the body gets rid of all toxins as a result of cancer cell proliferation. Coffee assists in the detoxification process, thus helping cancer patients alleviate symptoms associated with traditional treatment methods such as radiation and chemotherapy.

  • Fleet enema

Fleet enema is most commonly prescribed for individuals who suffer from chronic constipation. This type of cleansing enema makes use of sodium phosphate which draws fluids into the intestine resulting in immediate bowel movement. A user will feel the urge to have a bowel movement one to five minutes after enema administration. It should never be used for retention type enemas as doing so may result in complications. There are different types of fleet enema. It is best to seek your doctor?s advice as to which type of enema is best suited for your age and condition.

Now that you have a solid knowledge about the importance of an enema, the guidelines in choosing the best enema equipment, and the different types of enema, you may proceed to get your own at-home enema kit. Click here to preview the best home enema kits and solutions online!

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