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How To Fight Cancer And Uplift Wellness With Coffee Enema At Home article  image by Enema Kits AustraliaCoffee enema at home is gaining a huge following due to the many healing and wellness benefits that it delivers. This procedure has the ability to detoxify the liver and the colon. It is an all-natural approach of flushing out the liver?s toxic load consisting of heavy metals, toxins, and other impurities through the colon for proper elimination. If this is your first time to hear about coffee enema at home, continue reading to learn more.

What is a coffee enema detox?

Coffee enema is not how we traditionally introduce caffeine into our system. But did you know that coffee injected into the colon has more benefits than simply consuming it as a drink? It claims to improve well-being and even prevent the development of chronic, degenerative diseases. Coffee drinking has its own share of well-documented benefits, but did you know that injecting coffee from the other end of the human body actually delivers more healthful benefits? Whilst this may make you cringe in discomfort and pain, you need to try it out at least once and decide from there. Numerous research studies reveal that at-home coffee enemas is a powerful and effective method of cleaning up the colon, liver, and uplift one?s general health condition.

Coffee enema is being utilised to immediately remove the following substances from the body:

  • Toxins from the food, water, and air that passes through our systems
  • Foreign bacteria that interrupts the gut?s natural flora
  • Fungus and yeast invasion such as candida
  • Heavy metals
  • Impurities such as artificial flavourings from the food and drinks we consume
  • Impacted fecal material

An individual suffering from a toxic colon and a toxic liver increases their risk of developing inflammation can benefit from coffee enema. Coffee enema was designed to lower inflammatory processes, which in turn leads to the restoration of normal digestive funtions, increased energy levels, relief from gastrointestinal symptoms, and improvement on immune system functioning.

Now coffee enema has been around for many decades. Water enema has been around for many centuries and was used as an all-natural detoxification therapy for people who want to improve their health and alleviate unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms. Enema as a holistic wellness procedure is well-documented in ancient scripts. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used enema to help heal common illnesses and diseases.

The History of Coffee Enema At Home

Coffee enema first surfaced in the 1930s when acclaimed naturopath Dr. Max Gerson introduced coffee enema as a non-traditional but effective way of treating the symptoms associated with cancer. Until today, coffee enema is considered an integral part of the Gerson Cancer Therapy, a treatment protocol formulated by the Gerson Institute that includes following a strict diet regiment consisting of consuming high doses of fruits and vegetables. Under the Gerson Cancer Therapy, a coffee enema at home is mandatory and should be done at least 6 times daily or every 4 hours. The detox effects from coffee enema helps in reducing symptoms that cancer patients experience after traditional cancer treatment protocols such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy to name a few.

At present, naturopaths and alternative medicine experts indicate coffee enemas for individuals diagnosed with cancer, liver disease, autoimmune disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic constipation, candida invasion, and gastrointestinal tract conditions, too.

How does a Coffee Enema work?

Dr. Max Gerson, the founder of the Gerson Institute and brains behind the Gerson Cancer Therapy discovered that one of the primary causes of cancer is high levels of toxicity in vital organs and nutritional deficiency.

Rapid detoxification can be achieved by stimulating the liver to release the toxins that have built up within it through the years. The rapid detoxification process is triggered by coffee enema as caffeine is easily absorbed from the gut through the hemorrhoidal vein that connects the digestive tract to the liver. The hemorrhoidal vein transports the beneficial coffee compounds, namely caffeine and palmitates from the colon and to the portal vein and finally to the liver. Once caffeine reaches the liver, it stimulates it and opens up the biliary ducts. The stimulation of both liver and the biliary ducts results in the release of toxins back to the intestinal tract for efficient and immediate elimination.

The high caffeine concentration stimulates the bile ducts which then facilitates the flushing out of toxic substances with the help of the liver. In addition, caffeine also assists in straining environmental and metabolic wastes from the bloodstream, thus ensuring systemic detox of up to 600%.

Even individuals who are highly sensitive to caffeine can reap the wellness benefits from coffee enema. As coffee enema at home bypasses the digestive system, people with caffeine sensitivity can introduce coffee enema solution rectally without experiencing any side effects or complications.

Coffee Enema at Home for Ultimate Liver Detox

At present, there is confusion with the proper use of coffee enema. It is important to note that coffee enema is different from plain water enema. The main purpose of plain water enema is to cleanse the colon to restore normal digestive functioning and to relieve chronic constipation. Consequently, coffee enema is indicated as alternative treatment for those suffering from toxic liver, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. It is true that one of the effects of coffee enema is colon cleansing, but it should not be the primary reason to undergo the treatment.

Two beneficial compounds found in coffee namely caffeine and cafestol palmitate trigger the activity of key enzyme systems that are responsible for killing free radicals and producing glutathione S-transferase in above average concentrations. These key components of coffee are considered crucial components of a successful all-natural carcinogen detoxification system that only coffee enema delivers.

According to studies, caffeine and palmitic acids can stimulate the liver?s ability to produce glutathione up by as much as 700%.

Furthermore, two beneficial coffee compounds, theophylline and theobromine relax the blood vessels and fight inflammatory processes in the gut. Palmitic acids are primarily responsible for triggering the release of enzymes that are responsible for the flushing out of toxins and free radicals from the bloodstream. The water or fluid component of a coffee enema solution stimulates the colon walls resulting in peristalsis and the immediate removal of bile from the large intestine and out via elimination.

Coffee Enema for Pain Relief

Coffee enema is not only a powerful detoxification tool that is easy to perform at home and affordable, too. It is also being indicated as an effective pain management protocol for people suffering from chronic, debilitating medical conditions.

The pain relief benefit of coffee enema was discovered during World War 1 when a nurse accidentally introduced cool coffee solution into a patient?s enema bag instead of water. The patient then reported pain relief, and since then coffee enema has been used as an effective pain reliever for people suffering from digestive symptoms including constipation, diarrhoea, and bloating just to name a few.

There are also anecdotal evidence that coffee enema is ideal for migraine relief.

How often should you do coffee enema at home?

The frequency of coffee enema sessions will depend on preexisting medical conditions or general health status of an individual. Ideally, cancer patients who follow the Gerson Cancer Therapy are advised to perform coffee enemas at least 6 times daily or at least 4 hours apart.

Individuals diagnosed with degenerative medical conditions are recommended to check in with a naturopath or wellness practitioner in order for them to be guided regarding the ideal number of coffee enema sessions.

Lastly, for healthy individuals who simply wish to improve their general state of wellness and ensure peak liver functioning, coffee enema session may be performed at least once a week for best results.

How to prepare a coffee enema at home?

Coffee enema is typically an at-home treatment. There are also clinics that offer this type of therapy, but if you wish to save time and money, buying your very own coffee enema kit and a supply of organic coffee beans will be enough to deliver optimal detox results.

The materials that you need:

  • Coffee enema bag or stainless-steel bucket
  • 1 quart of organic coffee enema solution
  • Natural lubricants such as olive oil or coconut oil
  • Clamp
  • Plastic or silicone tubes

Step-by-step process of preparing coffee enema solution

  • To come up with 1 quart of organic coffee enema solution, you need to mix 3 tablespoons of organic, caffeinated coffee beans in four cups of distilled water. It is mandatory to use glass, ceramic, or stainless-steel pot when cooking the enema solution to prevent the aluminum in usual pots and pans from leaching into the solution.
  • Bring the solution to a boil and then let it boil for 5 minutes
  • Simmer the mixture for another 15 minutes. Do not forget to strain the mixture before cooling it down to room temperature.

You can prepare the coffee enema solution the night before you plan on performing the enema. It is recommended to prepare the solution as needed.

Now that you have everything that you need to know about coffee enema, we highly encourage you to buy your very own enema kit here. For additional enquiries, you may reach us on 0414 064 491 today.

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