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Enema Coffee 101- The Most Common Questions About Coffee Enema Cleanse Answered article image by Enema Kits Australia

Coffee enema is fast becoming an integral part of the health routine of people who want to stay healthy and ward off life-threatening diseases. From liver detox to weight loss, and a natural cancer treatment option, coffee enema is an indispensible wellness procedure that millions of people now include as part of their health and wellness routine.

What is an enema?

For starters, an enema is a detox procedure that utilises the power of liquid to flush out toxins and waste materials from the colon. The enema solution comes in the form of water, coffee, or herbal infusions. They are introduced into the colon via the rectum.

Why do I need an enema?

There are many reasons why people perform an enema. One of the primary motivations among healthy people is that an enema is that it is a safe and natural way to loosen impacted waste accumulated in the large intestine so it can be easily expelled from the body.

Weight loss is yet another motivation for people to do at-home coffee enemas. Studies reveal that an enema can induce the release of up to 10 kilos of impacted fecal matter and other impurities when done regularly for a week. For those who want to lose weight in the quickest way possible without diet or exercise, an enema is the best way to go.

What is a coffee enema?

As the name implies, a coffee enema is a detox procedure in which a coffee enema solution is used for the detox process. Coffee enema was first introduced to the alternative medicine community by Dr. Max Garson in the 1930s. It was originally developed as a natural alternative treatment for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Dr. Gerson believed that coffee enema done up to 5 times day can help in treating cancer.

How does coffee enema work?

Coffee enema works by detoxifying the liver and cleansing the bloodstream of impurities. People who have used coffee enema for detox claim that it is the most powerful procedure with minimal to no side effects.

Coffee enema stimulates the gallbladder to produce the enzyme, glutathione S-transferase. This naturally occurring compound is considered to be the human body?s master antioxidant that is able to battle free radicals and waste accumulation in the liver and bloodstream.

Apart from this effect, coffee stimulates the liver to cleanse the bloodstream. With the help of the gallbladder, it cleanses systemic circulation in 15 minutes. The caffeine and palmitic acids in coffee triggers efficient systemic detoxification.

Coffee enema also prevents bile from being reabsorbed into the body. In addition the Choleretics in coffee helps in increasing bile flow as well as fat digestion and elimination.

What are the benefits of doing a coffee enema at home?

We now have some form of understanding on how coffee enema works in cleaning out the gut, cleansing the liver, and helping the body get rid of impurities all at one go. But did you know that the usefulness of coffee enema extends beyond liver detox? Here are some of the other benefits of coffee enema:

  • Liver repair

The body takes a toll when placed under a lot of stress. If you are accustomed to a bad diet and your body is constantly exposed to stressors, your liver will greatly suffer. Instead of taking liver supplements that are supposed to reinvigorate liver health, why not choose a coffee enema instead?

This alternative cleansing approach will repair the liver by increasing the production of glutathione S-transferase in the body. Coffee enema reduces the toxic load that has been slowing down your liver function.

It works well with the colon and the bile so the body can eliminate all unwanted toxins and impacted fecal matter in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Mental clarity and focus

If you?re currently suffering from a lack of concentration or brain fog, your bloodstream may be loaded with toxins. These symptoms may be due to rising toxic blood serum levels. Coffee enema enhances the production of red blood cells whose primary function is to transport oxygen through the entire body. A clean bloodstream allows fresh oxygenated blood to enter the brain.

  • Reduces fatigue while increasing energy levels

The putrefaction that occurs inside normal cells is the culprit responsible for chronic fatigue. The cells do not function properly when they?re filled with impurities. You can help in reducing toxins by taking a coffee enema. Clearing the sludge that has collected in the gut will improve energy levels as well as boost your mood.

  • Colon cleanser

Although coffee enema is effective for colon cleansing, the side benefits of performing it is relief from common gastrointestinal issues. The enema process helps in eliminating toxins and possible poisons whilst keeping the normal flora in the gut and the rest of the digestive system healthy.

  • Alleviates pain

Pain relief from the most debilitating causes pushed Dr. Max Gerson to introduce coffee enema as a procedure for treating cancer patients. During the Second World War, it was reported that coffee enemas provided relief for cancer-stricken patients. Almost 90% of people who use coffee enema experience some form of pain relief.

  • Treats candida and other types of yeast infection

A clean, toxin-free digestive system is what you need to keep disease and illness at bay. Candida usually invades a toxic colon. Removing it immediately with the use of enema will help control its population in the colon.

Coffee enema gets rid of candida and other yeast infections efficiently without harming the colon?s natural bacterial flora.

  • Speeds up metabolism

Coffee enema is reported to be an excellent weight loss aid primarily due to its ability to speed up peristalsis. The efficient and speedy movement of undigested food through the large intestine will result in emptying, and ultimately healthy weight loss.

  • Increased nutrient absorption

You will notice that regular coffee enemas often result in higher energy levels, improved mood, and mental clarity to its users. As toxins are flushed out of the colon, the lining renews its ability of absorbing high volumes of nutrients from food items.

Fast metabolism and increased nutrient absorption is key to healthy weight loss.

What does a coffee enema kit contain?

A coffee enema kit includes all the equipment and ingredients required to perform an enema. The usual contents of an enema kit are similar to those you can find in coffee enema bundles, too!

You will need:

  • enema bucket or bag
  • clamp
  • silicone or rubber tubing
  • coffee enema solution

The best type of coffee for enema use is that which is medium to dark roast. You can purchase organic coffee enema here. Our coffee is teeming with antioxidants and high caffeine concentration. These properties make for elimination of high levels of toxins within a short span of time.

Pointers when using an organic coffee enema kit

  1. Never use instant coffee. This variant does not have enough caffeine and palmitic acids to induce detox. In addition, instant coffee contains high levels of herbicides and pesticides, to.
  2. Make sure the coffee is caffeinated. The healing powers of coffee can be attributed to its caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee will not have any effect on the body.
  3. Prepare the colon by performing a water enema first. Remember that your goal for doing a coffee enema is for liver detox. A water enema effectively loosens up impacted fecal matter. Once your colon is cleansed, you can then introduce coffee solution.
  4. Retain the coffee solution as long as you can. Ideally, you need to hold the coffee enema up to 15 minutes. You will feel mild discomfort, but this will be easily tolerated when you perform coffee enema regularly.
  5. Healthy individuals should use coffee enema with caution. Only people who are diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatments are allowed to perform coffee enema up to five times daily. Overindulgence can be detrimental to healthy people as the procedure can result in electrolyte imbalance and other gastrointestinal issues.
  6. Don?t expect the coffee enema to help you in weight loss. Although weight loss is a side effect of coffee enema, we don?t advise you to use it solely for this purpose. You can however include this wellness routine to boost your weight loss efforts from healthy diet and exercise.

Now that your questions are finally answered about coffee enema, it?s now time for you to give it a try! Click here to check out all the organic coffee enema kits we have in stock.

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