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Image of a man discovering the benefits of coffee enemas therapy

Interested in learning about the benefits of coffee enemas and how you can experience the same? What can you expect out of it? These are some of the questions that you probably have in mind especially if you have only heard about the treatment recently.


Most people cannot help but find enemas weird and unorthodox. After all, you probably had your share of doubts when you first heard that something good could come out of injecting organic coffee enema to your rectum. Keep an open mind and the amazing benefits of coffee enemas might just surprise you.


So what are the advantages of a coffee enema?


Liver detoxification

Most people that take coffee enemas do so for the purpose of detoxification. We know that coffee is an excellent antioxidant and it is one of the reasons why people drink it as they start their day. What might surprise you is that coffee works even better when injected directly into the liver through an enema. How is this so?


Caffeine affects the body differently when absorbed directly by the liver. Bile production increases significantly ridding the colon and intestines of embedded waste and faecal matter. Hence the liver can work much more efficiently reducing toxin levels in the body that can make you susceptible to infection and disease. Did you know that the average individual can have up to 2.27 kgs worth of lodged waste deposits? All that toxicity cannot be right for you and coffee enemas offer an efficient and relatively straightforward means of rectifying the matter.


The detox effect mentioned above is more than enough reason for people to at least consider taking coffee enemas, but its’ benefits do not stop there. The presence of caffeine in the liver also has the desired effect of raising the production of “glutathione” in the body. The latter is a master antioxidant and one that is most notable for its whitening effect on the skin.


Is there any truth behind photos of weight loss results in a coffee enema?

You have probably heard claims about how coffee enema helped people achieve their desired weight. You have to wonder – is there any truth behind such claims? After all, hardly any fitness expert recommend an enema to people looking to lose weight much to their disadvantage.


Following an enema, it is possible to lose a significant amount of weight immediately after the procedure. Many who have tried taking an enema for the first time lose a few pounds immediately after the procedure much to their delight.


Of course, one way that coffee enemas truly help with weight loss is by improving the body’s metabolism. Even with regular diet and exercise, one is unable to burn off fat deposits effectively if there are high toxin levels in the body. The body spends much of its’ energy on detoxification making it that much harder to lose weight. A coffee enema directly addresses such problems.


A review of coffee enemas as a cancer cure

If you have done some research on the history of coffee enemas, then you would know that the treatment was first created as an alternative cure for cancer. A German-American physician by the name of Dr Max Gerson believed that cancer growth is the result of ?having high toxin levels in the body. If so, then drastically reducing toxic concentrations in the body ought to contribute to reducing cancer growth and give the body the time and energy it needs to cope with the dreaded disease.


Now having unusually high toxic levels in the body is easier than you think considering our modern lifestyle. Nearly every food on a grocery counter has some chemical ingredient or preservatives included that we can barely pronounce let alone determine what it does to the body.


Of course, the effectiveness of coffee enema as part of a holistic cure for cancer remains to be a subject of much debate especially among doctors and holistic experts. The medical community has not recognised coffee enema as a viable cure for cancer even with all the positive testimonials about coffee enemas and the number of case studies Dr Gerson has published in his lifetime regarding the practice. There were 50 case studies in total, all of which showed beneficial results to cancer patients that were under his care.


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