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The Coffee Enema Benefits You Should Know And Step-by-Step Procedure On How To Do Enema At Home article image by Enema Kits Australia

There is such a thing as coffee enema. Yes! Besides the caffeine kick of a cup ?a joe in the morning, coffee may also be introduced from the other end of the human body. It?s not every day that you hear coffee being injected into your bowel, but believe me, it delivers benefits that you wished you can get from traditional wellness procedures. Whilst coffee enema is not for the faint-hearted, reading this may just be the motivation that you need to try it out in the near future.

The History of Coffee Enemas

Coffee enema was developed by German doctor and acclaimed naturopath, Dr. Max Gerson. In his expert as a naturopath, he discovered that coffee enema can effectively alleviate and relieve discomforts whilst flushing out toxins from the liver, colon, and bloodstream.

Coffee enema is a retention-type enema. The solution is made by brewing coffee beans in distilled water. The coffee solution is then introduced into the colon via the rectum. The coffee enema solution is then held within the colon for 15 minutes to allow the beneficial coffee compounds to reach the liver and the bloodstream.

Once the coffee enema solution is retained in the colon, the hepato-portal veins then absorb caffeine and palmitates in coffee. It is also the portal vein that carries the blood supply to vital organs namely liver and gall bladder.

The liver detox benefits triggered by caffeine and palmitates are instantaneous. Although beneficial in nature, caffeine is considered an irritant to the liver. Once caffeine reaches the liver, it then stimulates the bile ducts to open, thus releasing all accumulate toxins. As the liver is part of the body?s natural detox pathways, it also has the ability to collect toxins for many years. As today?s modern life involves the consumption of toxin-filled food, water, and air, our livers are overburdened. A toxic liver can trigger a host of symptoms; as minor as low energy levels to major conditions such as depression and cirrhosis.

Liver detox is crucial in that it ensures optimal detox functioning and optimum wellness, too!

What does a coffee enema do?

Simply put, a coffee enema is a detox procedure that involves flushing out of toxins that have collected in the gall bladder and liver. A single of coffee enema promises to deliver pain relief and discomfort that you may be feeling as a result of liver and systemic toxin overload.

You may be wondering how coffee enema provides excellent pain relief among its user. For starters, toxins are considered foreign and bad for our general health and wellness. The saturation of toxins in the body and within major organ systems leads to inflammation, and in some cases, a great deal of pain. The elimination of toxins from the body means that all discomforts and pain are alleviated altogether.

With a completely detoxified body, you will start feeling its benefits including enhanced vitality, calmness, regular bowel movements, mental clarity, joint pain relief, and reduction in headaches and migraine attacks.

Furthermore, coffee enema detox also reinforced and revitalise the body by removing impurities including toxins and heavy metals from the bloodstream.

Lastly, coffee enemas facilitate the flushing out of bacteria and yeast such as candida that may occupy the colon. This detox procedure also strengthens the overall form, function, and tone of the colon.

Are colon enemas safe?

Before trying out coffee enema, we highly recommend that you seek advise from your physician. Although considered 100% safe and effective, coffee enemas are not for everyone. There are people who have high sensitivity to caffeine or suffer from pre-existing medical conditions that makes them unsuitable candidates for at-home coffee enemas.

It is also important to note that taking enema via the rectum does not have the same effects as drinking coffee. In general, drinking caffeine may upset the stomach due to its high acidity levels. On the other hand, coffee instilled via enema will not affect the acidity levels in the intestines. People who suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer need to consult with their oncologists before they can start performing enema as part of their pain relief measures.

As prescribed in the Gerson Cancer Therapy, coffee enema should always be performed in combination with organic juicing and increased consumption of green veggies and fruits. Consuming high amounts of fresh organic juices guarantees that the body has sufficient amounts of electrolytes as well as vitamins and minerals that it needs. Bear in mind that detox via coffee enema and good nutrition are key to optimum wellness.

Here are the top 11 benefits from performing coffee enemas regularly:

1. Liver detox of up to 600% and systemic detox of up to 700%
2. Triggers peristaltic movement, improves overall digestive process, and cleanses the colon from impurities and impacted fecal matter
3. Induces fast and healthy weight loss
4. Increases energy levels, mental clarity, and stabilises mood
5. Helps in alleviating symptoms related to depression, sudden mood swings, and lethargy
6. Treats candida and other bacterial invasion in the gut
7. Relieves common gastrointestinal symptoms including excessive gas, bloating, and indigestion
8. Detoxifies the liver, gall bladder, and colon
9. Helps people with chronic conditions and auto immune diseases in relieving pain and discomfort
10. Helps in relieving die-off or detox reactions during fasting and cleansing procedures
11. Is a staple wellness treatment among patient who follow the Gerson Cancer Therapy

Why is there so much controversy over coffee enemas?

Not a lot of medical professionals and scientists have truly looked into the many benefits of performing coffee enemas. There are even healthcare professionals who advise against using coffee enemas at home, due to probable side effects including dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. In addition, there are also people who simply cannot handle the effects of caffeine in their systems.

And then of course, there are those who view coffee enema as the next major wellness craze. There are even claims that regular coffee enema- that is up to 6 times a day can lead to total body detox and can even cure certain types of cancer.
Just like any other wellness procedure out there, coffee enema carries a set of benefits and side effects. When not used properly or when instructions are not followed to the letter, there is a chance that it can produce side effects on its users. With this in mind, it is important for users to follow the instructions carefully and remember to always seek the advice of their physicians beforehand.

Coffee Enema Reviews and Testimonials

There are thousands upon thousands of testimonials online and in professional discussion groups that tell tales of success in using coffee enema to improve health and wellness.

According to wellness experts and followers of coffee enema, here are reasons why coffee enema worked and still works for them:

– Coffee enema produces immediate results. Once the bowels, liver, and gall bladder are thoroughly detoxified, all negative symptoms quickly disappear.

– Many users of coffee enema are delighted with its weight loss benefits. You can lose up to 5 kilos of excess weight simply by performing a 15-minute coffee enema at home. On the long run, you can reach your ideal weight and reduce fat percentage by simply combining coffee enema with good nutrition and regular exercise.

– Coffee enema effectively boosts the production of bile and the body?s master antioxidant, glutathione S-transferase. The presence of these enzymes help in reducing toxins and free radicals

The Ingredients and Equipment for Coffee Enema

Here are the things that you need for your first coffee enema session:

– 2 tablespoons of organic coffee (light or medium roast is recommended)
– 1 quart of distilled or filtered water
– Coffee filter or fine mesh
– Stainless steel enema bucker or bag
– Natural lubricant (olive oil or coconut oil)

To make your very own coffee enema solution, make sure to have organic ground coffee and distilled water on hand. Place 2 tablespoons of ground coffee into 1 cup of water. Bring the mixture to a boil 5 minutes. Reduce the heat and let the coffee brew simmer for another 15 minutes.

Strain the coffee brew using coffee filter or a fine mesh. Let the solution stand until it reaches room temperature. Never make the mistake of instilling hot or warm coffee enema solution as this may lead to burns and inflammation of the colon and rectal channel.

Clamp the tube while filling the stainless steel bucket. Place the enema bucket 16 inches above the rectal opening to ensure that the enema liquid will flow at an ideal rate into the rectum.

Lubricate the tip of the tube before introducing it to the rectum. Once the tube reaches 3 to 4 inches inside the rectum, you may then release the clamp and let the enema solution flow into the colon.

Try to hold the enema solution in for 15 minutes or as long as you can hold the enema liquid in. The duration allows sufficient time for the caffeine and palmitates to reach the liver, gall bladder, and bloodstream.

After 15 minutes, you can then expect the coffee solution. You will notice fecal matter and other debris once you start feeling regular bowel movements. This is a natural effect after an enema. Expel wastes as long as you feel the urge to defecate.

Now that you have learned virtually everything there is to know about coffee enema and its benefits, it?s time for you to buy your enema kit today. Click here to check out or quality and affordable enema kits. For enquiries, you may reach us at 0414 064 491 today.

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