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How Is A Coffee Enema Beneficial To Overall Health And Wellness? Article image by Enema Kits Australia

An enema detox which utilises organic, freshly-ground coffee beans is tried-and-tested to be beneficial in restoring the optimal liver function. The caffeine component of coffee beans that is administered via enema detox is typically included in the Gerson Cancer Therapy. Individuals who are diagnosed with cancer and who choose to follow a more holistic, all-natural approach to cancer management are advised to undergo this protocol for at least two years or longer.

The Origins of Coffee Enema Detox

Our liver is the main regenerating organ that helps the body in the process of food synthesis, absorption and excretion. It is due to these primary functions of the liver that Dr. Max Gerson, a holistic wellness pioneer, developed a technique to effectively detoxify the liver for individuals who are suffering from cancer, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Max Gerson was inspired by his own alternative healing program to cure his migraine attacks that featured a total shift to a healthier, more wholesome diet. As an alternative wellness practitioner, Dr. Gerson then applied his healing therapy to his patients, a majority of whom experienced the same healing results.

The overwhelming positive response of cancer patients to his holistic approach to health and wellness prompted him to develop a comprehensive treatment strategy for cancer patients. The infusion of a high-dose of nutrients that included the intake of fresh juices made from vegetables and fruits is one of the main components of the Gerson Cancer Therapy. The consumption of raw fruit and vegetable juices alter the body?s pH from acidic to alkaline state.

Although the strict diet yielded positive results, there were still patients who were unable to feel relief from cancer pain. He then realised that in order for his cancer management technique to work, he needed to establish a system that would help in releasing toxins from cells that are carried into or passing through the liver. He believed that a toxic liver does not have the ability to excrete or release all the toxins and wastes that are stored not only in the gastrointestinal system, but across cells in various parts of the body.

How does Coffee Enema work?

A highly-toxic liver no longer possesses an ability to release more toxins if it is already saturated with toxic materials. This condition of the liver is called autointoxication, a condition that might result in death.

The push/pull technique perfectly tells us in how a liver detox works. A highly-nutritious diet will introduce high amounts of nutrient into the cells whilst efficiently removing the acidic toxins and large volumes of sodium from the cells.

Our livers are undeniably stressed and saturated with toxins on a regular basis. Once overworked, the liver loses its ability to synthesize and flush out toxins that they are faced with every single day.

Human anatomy dictates that the body looks for coping mechanisms to fight off toxins and prevent them from entering the liver. It automatically creates cells that function as storage solutions for toxins at non-life-threatening portions of the body. Over time, when toxin overload is not remedied, more cells and tissues arrive at an acidic state and becomes more vulnerable to cancer risk and development.

Utilising coffee enema will certainly assist the liver in the process of removing large volumes of toxic materials from the body. A body filled with toxins is a highly-acidic environment and is more likely to develop disease processes such as cancer. In addition, too much sodium inside cells results in inflammation, pain, and swelling. Sodium also attaches to mucus. During a coffee enema detox, all these waste materials and unwanted compounds are efficiently removed from our systems. Dr. Max Gerson realised that performing coffee enemas whilst juicing is guaranteed to flush out significant amounts of waste. Lastly, removal of sodium that causes inflammation leads to pain relief and increased comfort levels.

Coffee Enema Detox- How does coffee enter the liver from the colon?

Coffee enema is a retention-type enema which means the solution will remain in the colon up to 12 and 14 minutes per infusion. This is enough time for our blood to pass through the liver at least four times. The hemorrhoidal veins relax when exposed to caffeine, which in turn stimulates the liver portal veins to relax, too. While all of these are happening, the bile ducts expand with blood which in turn increases bile flow and further relaxes the liver and other internal organs.

Blood serum components are efficiently detoxed as they pass through a caffeinated liver. Simultaneously, the remaining water in the colon stimulates the visceral nervous system, which in turn triggers peristalsis. ?In addition, the water retained in the bowel dilutes the bile causing improved blood flow. The flushing of toxic bile is also due to the increased production of an enzyme called, glutathione S-transferase. This antioxidant enzyme kills free radicals, which in turn cleanses the system up to 700%. The free radicals that have come in contact with glutathione S-transferase leaves the liver and

gallbladder in the form of bile salts. The toxic bile and free radicals are flushed out through the colon by way of a regular bowel movement.

The Role of Coffee Enema in the Treatment and Management of Degenerative Diseases

Coffee enema effectively reduces the concentration of toxins in blood serum, which flushes out wastes and poisons out of our bodies. For individuals who need to manage chronic or acute illness caused by a degenerative disease condition, lower blood serum toxicity levels through regular coffee enema detox is necessary to achieve the following benefits:

  • Increased cell energy production
  • Improved tissue integrity Improved blood circulation
  • Enhanced immune system functioning
  • Improved tissue repair processes
  • Speeds up cellular regeneration

With all of these wellness benefits from regular coffee enema administration, cancer patients experience relief and less symptoms before, during, and after cancer treatment protocols.

The Benefits of Colon Cleansing + Coffee Enema Detox

Colon cleansing techniques such as coffee enema have the following benefits:

  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Improve gut motility
  • Flushes out the accumulation of mucoid plaque that has adhered along the colon walls
  • Efficiently removes harmful and disease-causing parasites and bacteria
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve mental acuity
  • Relief from common gastrointestinal symptoms including bloating, excessive gas, constipation, and diarrhoea
  • Improve mood levels
  • Increased production of glutathione S-transferase, the body?s master antioxidant.

The Relationship Between Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) and the Digestive System

According to research, coffee enema detox improves the body?s ability to produce glutathione. In fact, it can boost GST production by 600% in the liver and up to 700% in the small intestine. Performing coffee enema on a regular basis is the most powerful way to utilise the therapeutic benefits of GST as digestive enzymes do not interact or react with nutrients before reaching the liver.

People who should perform coffee enema detox regular are those with the following problems:

  • Gallstones
  • Digestive conditions such as IBS and chronic constipation
  • Liver conditions
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Certain types of cancer

How do you perform a coffee enema at home?

Individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions should perform up to four coffee enemas daily for best results. On the other hand, healthy people may also benefit from at-home coffee enemas if done at least once a week. It helps in promoting colon detox, filtering out of fecal debris, flushing out of toxins, and other unwanted substances that may have accumulated in the colon.

Organic coffee enema is always best as compared to regular coffee enema. Ideally, the coffee beans should be organic, light roast and have high concentrations of caffeine and palmitates.

Here is how you do coffee enema at home:

  • Boil 2 tablespoons of organic coffee enema beans in one quart of distilled or filtered water.
  • Let this mixture boil and then simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Before performing an enema, make sure the coffee enema solution is cooled down to room temperature.
  • Strain the mixture before transferring to a stainless steel enema bucket to remove coffee grounds and to ensure a pure coffee enema solution is used.

Tips when Performing Coffee Enema at Home

  • Once you are used to performing an enema regularly, you should start moving around to enhance the overall detox experience. Moving while retaining the solution inside the colon will enhance the detoxification benefits as caffeine, palmitates, and water move along the entire length of the intestine.
  • Beginners may not be able to retain the enema solution for 15 minutes. For your first session, you should try to hold it in as long as you can, but never force yourself to retain it longer once you start feeling pain or discomfort.
  • Individuals who are sensitive or allergic to caffeine may add apple cider vinegar into the mixture. You may also choose green juice to mix with your coffee enema solution. The addition of these ingredients will reduce the side effects whilst ensuring your body still experiences detox benefits from caffeine and palmitates.

To know more about coffee enema and where you can buy your own ingredients and coffee enema kit, visit us here. For enquiries, you may also call us on 0414 064 491 today.

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