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For decades, coffee lovers have had to deal with misinformation about their favourite brew. Some may even go as far as to say that there is a link between caffeine and cancer cell growth which is, of course, false. As a matter of fact, recent health reports would tell us that it is quite the opposite.


Research suggest that a daily cup of coffee can go a long way in reducing one’s risk of getting a stroke and contracting debilitating illnesses like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Studies also suggest a link between coffee and pancreatic cancer reduction. Now, you can add reduced risk of getting certain kinds of liver cancer to the list of benefits organic coffee has to offer.


Coffee and liver cancer prevention

Recent medical studies like the one from the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Centre (NCCC) in Southern California tells us that drinking coffee on a regular basis helps reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) – the most common type of liver cancer. Researchers responsible for the study presented the results to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACF). The study concludes that people who are at risk of developing HCC should make it a point to drink coffee every day to mitigate their risk of liver cancer.


Details of the study

Now you might be wondering – how did the study come to this conclusion? It is an excellent question when we still hear of silly stories about the link between caffeine and prostate cancer and the like.


Doctors and professors from the Department of Preventive Medicine spearheaded the NCCC study which involved about 179,800 individuals. Subjects of the study were from varying ethnicities including Caucasians, Hawaiians, African Americans, Japanese, Hawaiians and Latin Americans. Researchers closely monitored the coffee intake of their subjects for 18 years.


Among the people involved in the study, 0.28 percent (498 people) ultimately developed HCC. The study revealed a surprising correlation involving coffee consumption and the probability of getting liver cancer. The study showed that individuals who drank about 1 to 3 cups of coffee daily were 29 percent less likely to get HCC compared to those who drank less or none at all. The odds were even better for participants that drank at least 4 cups of coffee every day and reduced their risk by a considerable 42 percent.


Isn’t coffee bad for cancer patients?

The results of the study is certainly positive news for coffee lovers but what about people who already have cancer? Can they drink coffee and expect it to be of any help? You will find that most doctors encourage patients to do so.


Cancer patients who love coffee have no reason to stop drinking their favourite cup of coffee. Doctors caution that coffee should not be seen as a form of cancer treatment and continue with their medication and treatment.


Coffee Enemas in Australia

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