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The Basics Of Coffee Enema And Step-by-Step Procedure On How To Perform Liver Detox At Home article image by Enema Kits Australia

Who doesn?t love the aroma and rich taste of coffee in the morning? It is hard to deny that coffee is one of the most preferred beverages available to man. The comfort that a cup of coffee delivers in combination with its uniquely delicious kick gets many people hooked from their first cup. But beyond its stimulating effects, coffee boasts of a host of wellness benefits that we have yet to explore.

In this article, we will discuss the healing and detoxifying benefits of coffee through an enema. Yes, you heard that right! Coffee is one of the best ingredients for an enema. Continue reading if you want to know more about coffee enema and how you can kickstart your wellness journey with the help of a coffee enema.

Why Use Coffee for Enemas?

Injecting liquid coffee solution into the colon may not be your first thought when you think of a dose of caffeine. As we are all accustomed to using coffee for preparing a beverage, the concept of coffee enemas may sound weird, even scary for some people. But did you know that introducing coffee directly into the colon is guaranteed to make you live a better quality of life? Coffee enema is not for the faint hearted, but after reading about the benefits that you can enjoy from performing it on a regular basis, you will definitely want to try it sooner than later.

Why is coffee enema so controversial?

Medical professionals caution against the use of coffee enema for detox reasons. As most have pointed out, coffee enema may potentially result in dehydration and serious electrolyte imbalances. Although there is a degree of truth to this claim, knowledge on how to perform coffee enema properly eliminates the risk of suffering from side effects and complications. Just like any other health or wellness procedure, there is a certain risk that comes with performing a coffee enema at home if it is not done properly.

Using coffee enema for liver detox is quite simple. We will give you the step-by-step procedure on how to perform a coffee enema in the safest and most efficient way possible. Holistic experts even advise individuals suffering from cancer and autoimmune medical conditions to perform an enema at least 6 times a day for best results. And the best part of it all, cancer patients have nothing but good feedback on how enemas have helped them improve their quality of life while dealing with their disease.

Coffee Enema Origin Story

Dr. Max Gerson, an acclaimed holistic wellness expert first introduced coffee enema in the 1930s. His studies revealed that infusing coffee in the large bowel greatly alleviates the most common discomforts that cancer patients experience while battling their condition. The coffee enema was then included in the Gerson Cancer Therapy, and is considered to be a vital part of the treatment process. Coffee enema combined with strict juicing practices are the main elements of the Gerson Cancer Therapy. This alternative medical approach is believed to reverse the proliferation of cancer cells among patients.


Today, thousands of cancer patients have successfully included coffee enema as part of their cancer treatment regimen. Even healthy individuals are impressed with the detox results that they enjoy after a single enema session. With a growing number of followers and improvements in the quality of coffee ingredients as well as the efficiency of the process, coffee enema has become popular even among healthy individuals. You can now enjoy coffee enema anytime in the comfort of your own home.

Coffee Enema Reviews- What are they saying?

Feedback from thousands of users reveals the healthy benefits derived from performing coffee enema regularly. ?If you are still hesitant about performing a coffee enema, here are things that you wish you knew about earlier.

  • Coffee enema and its triple-action function

Coffee enema is an excellent wellness technique in that it targets three vital bodily processes:

  • Coffee enema?s primary function is to help the liver in straining wastes from the bloodstream.
  • Beneficial coffee compounds are responsible for keeping the liver functioning at its peak. As a result, the blood flowing throughout is clean and without any trace of toxins.
  • Although coffee enema was not created for colon cleansing, it still has the ability to loosen stool, flush away waste materials, and stimulate regular bowel function.
  • Stimulates antioxidant production by the body

One of the most impressive benefits derived from coffee enema is its ability to trigger the production of glutathione S-transferase. Also known as the body?s master antioxidant, glutathione S-transferase aids in detoxification by killing free radicals that invade different cells in the body. According to studies, a single session of coffee enema has the power to boost natural production of glutathione S-transferase by 700%.

Once released into the bloodstream, glutathione S-transferase flushes out free radicals which are dissolved together with bile. The bile accompanied with wastes and toxins travels through the liver and then to the gallbladder for further processing. Once the wastes travel to the intestinal tract, the movement of the digestive canal pushes it away from the body.

How do you perform a coffee enema?

If you?re interested in trying it out, here are some important things that you need to remember. This is a short but very detailed procedure on how to do a coffee enema at home.

Materials and ingredients:

  • Two tablespoons of coffee. You may choose between light or medium roasted organic coffee. It is important to use organic coffee to ensure purity.
  • A small cooking pot
  • Distilled or filtered water
  • Colander, cheesecloth, or mesh strainer
  • Enema bag or stainless steel enema bucket
  • Natural lubricant such coconut oil or olive oil

Here is how to prepare the coffee solution:

  1. Place freshly ground coffee in the cooking pan. Add 1/3 to 1 cup of water into the pan. Set in medium high heat and bring to a boil for five minutes. After boiling reduce the heat and then let it simmer for another 15 minutes.
  2. Strain the coffee solution by using a fine mesh strainer or colander. Make sure to strain well, ensuring that no coffee grounds or solid coffee particles will be introduced into your colon during an enema. Ideally, the enema solution should be a little bit warmer than normal body temperature. It is not ideal to use cold enema solution right away as this may potentially cause shock to the system. A coffee enema solution that is too hot may result in burns.
  3. Fill your enema bucket with the enema solution. Make sure to open the distal tip of the tube for a few seconds. This will allow the coffee solution to travel down to the other end of the tube. This also ensures that there will be no air trapped in the tube during the procedure. Ideally the enema bucket or bag should be hung two metres from the ground to ensure efficient flow of solution down the tube and into the colon.
  4. Assume a comfortable position. You may position yourself inside a bathtub or on the floor nearest the toilet bowl. This will ensure that you have quick access for bowel movement and minimise the mess throughout the procedure.
  5. Use coconut oil or olive oil to lubricate the tip of the tube. Slowly insert the lubricated tip and push until it reaches the colon. Open the other tip to gently release the coffee into the colon. You may feel the urge to defecate during insertion. If this happens, simply close the clamp until the urge subsides. Open the clamp and let the rest of the solution travel into the rectum.
  6. Once the bucket is empty, position yourself on your right side and wait for 15 minutes. Hold this position for 15 minutes and then evacuate your bowels. For beginners, holding the coffee enema inside the colon may prove to be challenging. To hasten the passage of coffee to the liver, lying on your left side is a must.
  7. After your first round of evacuating waste, massage your abdomen to stimulate movement. You will then evacuate a few more times in the next few hours so make sure you have easy and direct access to the bathroom.

What are the outcomes that I should expect from a coffee enema?

  • Flushing out of unwanted parasites and bacteria such as candida infestation.
  • Other waste materials that pass through an enema are gallstones, liver flukes, and other parasites that cause infections.
  • The liver will function normally and even better than before.
  • You can expect regular bowel movements when you perform coffee enema at least once a week

A few cautionary reminders for coffee enema:

Coffee enema is a natural and safe procedure. Although this is the case, it is not suited for everyone who tries it out. Here are some things that you need to consider about coffee enemas:

  • Never inject water until it is near body temperature. An enema solution that is too hot will result in serious burns along the rectal canal and large intestine.
  • Do not insert the tube more than 3 to 4 inches up the colon. In addition, remember to lubricate the tip to prevent abrasions while inserting into the anal sphincter.
  • Put your probiotics and electrolyte drinks on standby. You will need to drink them after the procedure. It is also recommended to increase water intake after an enema in order to replenish lost fluids during the procedure.

Now that you know all the fundamentals and step-by-step coffee enema procedure, you can now plan your first enema session. Do not forget to buy your own coffee enema kit and coffee beans by clicking here. If you have further questions, call us on 0414 064 491 today.

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