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People have different motivations for trying out a salt water colon cleanse. There are those who use this DIY colon cleanse to stimulate rapid weight loss. Women who suffer from dry skin perform this detox cleanse to erase imperfections whilst smoothening the skin surface too.

The most important function of this procedure is that of constipation control and management. People who suddenly feel constipated- probably as a result of overeating and accumulation of undigested food in the colon, report how fast they experience the results from this cleansing strategy.

In this article, we will also enumerate other types of colon cleansing techniques that are made especially to offer peace of mind and relief for those suffering from constipation.

Saltwater colon cleanse

The saltwater cleanse is the perfect cleansing technique if you?re on a short budget. It performs as well as other types of colon cleansers. You will only need saltwater, filtered water, and lemon to start with this cleanse.

The salt water colon cleanse is an ideal adjunct therapy ideal for people who are doing the master cleanse. Side effects of this detox procedure include constipation and other gastrointestinal discomforts. The salt water helps in alleviating symptoms that are commonly associated with the master cleanse.

7-Day Detox Cleanse

The 7-day detox cleanse was created by wellness expert Dr. Group of the Global healing Center. He advocated the use of less invasive but equally potent ingredients to remove impurities from the body.

The 7-day detox cleanse is hailed as the ultimate cleansing procedure using Oxy-Powder, a wellness product that has been tried and tested to get rid of all unwanted chemicals and toxic wastes that have accumulated inside the colon through the years.

The ingredients of this 7-day cleansing technique include apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and Oxy-Powder. As the name implies, the detox cleanse is to be performed for 7 days for best results.

This DIY colon cleanse is recommended for people who want to shed weight in the most natural and gentlest way possible.

3-Day Colon Cleanse Diet

This detox aims to reset your colon and the rest of your body. The 3-day cleanse is set to reinvigorate your colon and reboot all vital body processes for a healthier you! Unlike the 7-day detox, the 3-day colon cleanse aims to deliver weight loss results and other wellness benefits within a short span of time.

This diet routine is pretty simple and straightforward. All you need to do is follow these rules to remove impurities and cleanse the colon effectively:

  • Increase sleeping hours
  • Eliminate sugar from the diet
  • Reduce the consumption of food items that contain wheat and other constituents
  • Eat more whole and raw foods
  • Increase water intake up to 2 liters per day.
  • Boost the intake of green leafy veggies and fruits
  • Consume food items that are rich in prebiotics and probiotics
  • Exercise regularly
  • Include vitamins and supplements as part of a healthy diet regime

If you want to know more about the detox cleansing techniques that we have provided you here, you may reach us at 0414 064 491 for more details. To purchase Oxy-Powder and other detox products, click here.

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