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What Is An Enema Bag And Other Fundamental Enema Facts For Beginners article image by Enema Kits Australia

A coffee enema cleanse is a great way to remove all the toxins that may have slowed down the liver which is a precious organ that we need to take care of at all times. It seems that we have forgotten how important it is for us to look after the inside as much as we do our physique. A coffee enema takes care of two major organ systems in the body:

  • Liver
  • Colon

The dual action of a coffee enema has made it a popular wellness technique among those who are working towards using natural ingredients to improve their quality of life.

What is an enema?

In essence, an enema is a cleansing procedure that involves the introduction of liquid into the colon via the rectum. The liquid used in enema ranges from distilled water, mineral oils and coffee among many others. In this article, we will talk about the two main types of enemas; their benefits and the tools needed to facilitate the cleansing technique at home.

Clear Water Enema

As the name implies, this type involves the use of water in colon cleansing. It is important to use distilled water to ensure that you are not introducing harmful bacteria in the gut. The main purpose of a clear water enema is to remove impacted stool and toxins from the colon.

It is recommended to perform clear water enema in cases of chronic constipation, diarrhoea, and bloating just to name a few ailments.

The materials needed for clear water enema are as follows:

  • Enema Bag or Bucket

The enema bag or bucket will act as storage unit for the water that is to be introduced into the colon. Clear water enemas require users to immediately evacuate the bowels after fluid introduction. You will need a bucket or bag that is large enough to accommodate up to 3 rounds of flushing.

For placement and positioning, an enema bag should be placed no higher than two feet from the ground. You may either place the hook on a towel curtain or the doorknob. Placing it too high, such as on a curtain rod, slows down the rate of flow from the container to the colon.

  • Clamps

The clamp is placed after mid or before the tip of the tubing that is to be introduced into the rectum. Its main function is to regulate the flow of water into the colon.

  • Tubings

Silicone or plastic tubing delivers the water from the enema bag into the colon. Make sure that the tube does not have any kink or hole to facilitate smooth flow.

  • Lubrication

Lubrication is needed to facilitate the painless entry of the tube through the anal sphincter. You may choose between natural oils such as olive or coconut oil and water based lubricants such as KY Jelly.

  • Distilled or filtered water

You need at least 1 litre of water to successfully complete up to three rounds of colon cleansing. One reminder is never to use tap water or chlorinated water for enemas. Fill up the enema bag or bucket once it gets to room temperature.

Reminders when performing clear water enema for first timers

  • Make sure to do it in your bathroom. To minimise the mess and to ensure you have instant access to the toilet, position yourself closest to it. Make sure to protect the floor from accidental splashes with a plastic sheet or an old towel.
  • Don?t overdo the enema. You will need up to three rounds of flushing for your first attempt. You will notice that in the third round, water coming out is clear which signals that most of the impacted wastes from the distal portion of the colon has been successfully cleared out.
  • Make sure to wash the enema tools after using them. Sterilise all of the equipment to ensure that non fecal matter or other harmful substances don?t contaminate your kit.
  • Store the enema kit in a cool and dry place. Always clean and sterilise your enema kit before using it again.

Coffee Enema

Coffee enema is undeniably the ultimate liver detox solution. Its main function is to stimulate the liver to improve its detox functions as well as trigger the production of glutathione S-transferase, an antioxidant that fights free radicals and helps in keeping various body processes functioning optimally.

Coffee enema was originally prescribed for cancer patients as a complementary post-cancer therapy. It has been proven to alleviate the symptoms caused by undergoing cancer treatment protocols such as chemo and radiation therapy.

Healthy individuals or those who suspect they are suffering from toxic colon can use coffee enema to increase their level of wellness as well as treat the following problems:

  • Halitosis or bad breath
  • Skin conditions such as rosacea, acne breakouts, rashes, and psoriasis
  • People who are having problems gaining weight or maintaining healthy weight
  • Fatigue or irritation
  • Poor focus and concentration issues
  • Slow metabolic activity
  • Allergic reaction or hypersensitivity issues
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Gallstones
  • Poor eyesight
  • Itching
  • Mood swings and feelings of depression

The Benefits of Coffee Enema

Coffee enema not only delivers benefits for the liver and colon, but to the entire body. Here are some of its health advantages:

  • The coffee solution softens impacted stools and facilitates easy elimination.
  • Candida and other parasites are eradicated with repeated coffee enema sessions spread across a few weeks. All bugs and microorganisms that may cause imbalance in the gut flora are eradicated by regular coffee enema sessions.
  • Not only does coffee enema detoxify the liver, it also assists in its repair to ensure peak function at all times.
  • Increases energy levels. For people who feel restless, irritable, or fatigued, coffee enema produces immediate results so you can feel and be more productive in daily life. In addition, allowing the coffee ingredients to permeate into the bloodstream results in the stimulation of the gallbladder to flush out more toxic materials that may have accumulated in the liver. With coffee detox, there is more oxygen in the bloodstream which then gives you more energy on a daily basis.
  • If you always feel bloated or uncomfortable after a meal, your gut is most likely toxic. As the liver and gallbladder produce more bile after a coffee enema, the digestive process improves. The bile produced helps in digesting food and eliminating waste through a regular bowel movement.
  • Improves focus, concentration, and acts as a mood booster. The detoxification that occurs after a coffee enema facilitates the speedy duplication of red blood cells. As we are all aware, red blood cells carry oxygen, and increased oxygenation to the brain resulting in mental alertness, improved focus, and gives that much-needed mood boost, too!

Other helpful benefits of coffee enema besides those enumerated above are:

  • Relieves cases of migraine attacks or headaches
  • Cleanses the blood leading to a clean and healthy circulation
  • Clears out skin blemishes and imperfections such as in the case of acne breakouts, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea
  • Eases muscle and joint pains
  • Improves immune system functioning

Should you do a coffee enema?

Whether you are a cancer patient or a healthy individual, you will definitely benefit from performing a coffee enema. As our liver works tirelessly in getting rid of toxins, we need to provide it with the assistance and care it needs to be in top shape for many years to come. As toxins are all around us we are continuously exposed to hazards and harmful chemicals. Given this, coffee enema and all its benefits will surely help us in uplifting our general sense of wellness. It also prevents the development of diseases and stops symptoms from getting worse. With all of these advantages that coffee enema brings to the table, there is no reason why you shouldn?t consider including it into your holistic wellness regimen.

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