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The Wellness Benefits Of Coffee Enemas And How It Works article  image by Enema Kits Australia

A fully functioning digestive system is key to optimum health. As well starts in our stomach then so is disease and infirmity. With this in mind, it is imperative that we do everything it takes for us to ensure that our colon is free from wastes and toxins that can lead to different types of unpleasant medical conditions.

Performing coffee enema is one excellent way of ensuring that the colon is free from toxic materials. But did you know that liver enema goes beyond colon cleansing. If you wish to learn more about coffee enema and the benefits that you can derive from its practice, continue reading.

What is coffee enema?

Enema has always been a part of human history. It was practiced by many civilizations and was primarily used to flush out debris and wastes from the body. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used enema as a reliable means to cleanse the internal organs to promote wellness. Coffee enema on the other hand was first performed by Native Americans to effectively cleanse the liver and beyond.

At present, coffee enema enjoys popularity due to its colon cleansing and liver detox functions. Doing periodic enema will reinvigorate the colon and other vital organ systems and processes, too.

Coffee enema was first introduced in the 1930s by Dr. Max Gerson, a holistic wellness pioneer. According to Dr. Gerson, coffee contains beneficial compounds that rev up the liver?s overall functioning. It is also due to the healing powers of coffee enema that the Gerson Institute included it as part of their Gerson Therapy, an alternative treatment for individuals suffering from different types of cancer.

The State of our Digestive Health in the 21st Century

Our liver and colon are assaulted by toxic materials and pollutants on a daily basis. For instance, water contains chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride; with the latter alleged to inflict unwanted side effects and complications. Of course, there are also toxins in the food items that we consume. Lastly, the air we breathe is contaminated with invisible but harmful chemicals that may trigger disease. The consumption of fast food and processed foods hinders us from enjoying optimum digestive health. The progressive accumulation of mucoid plaque enveloping debris creates highly toxic folds along the colon walls.

The mucoidal plaque accumulation is the perfect breathing ground for parasites, fungus, and other disease-causing microorganisms. In addition, these mucoid folds slow down the elimination of fecal waste from the colon away from the body. When food becomes stagnant inside the gut, they start to putrefy and release toxins into the bloodstream until it reaches the liver. Despite the fact that the liver?s main job is to take out harmful toxins from the bloodstream, it becomes loaded and exhausted thus leading to liver toxicity. This condition can result in the development of more unpleasant symptoms and even chronic disease not only to the liver and colon and to vital organs throughout the body.

Enema Treatments and their Benefits

Colon cleansing treatments and enema detox are guaranteed to improve the movement of food particles along the colon. In addition, colon cleansing is tried-and-tested internal cleansing method to restore regular bowel movements. Enema and colon cleansing help flush the toxins, mucoidal plaque, and other impurities that remain stagnant in the gut for extended periods of time. Lastly, colon cleansing and coffee enema assist in the elimination of parasites that thrive in the gut.

Coffee enema is a liver detox technique that people use to ?significantly improve their energy levels and mood, alleviate common gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, excessive gas, constipation, and diarrhea, reduce the toxicity levels not only in the liver by of the entire body by as much as 700%.

Yet another known benefit of coffee enema is that it stimulates the production of glutathione S-transferase. Most commonly known as the body?s master antioxidant, glutathione S-transferase is a powerful defense system that protects our systems against the proliferation of free radicals. Furthermore, glutathione protects the cells from damage, and triggers the continuous removal of toxic wastes at a cellular level.

Glutathione and its Impact on Digestive Health

According to studies, the utilization of green coffee beans for enema can boost glutathione production by as much as 600% in the liver and up to 700% in the small intestine alone. Due to these powerful detox effects, coffee enema is considered the most effective way of producing antioxidants as well as beneficial enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Individuals prescribed to use coffee enema as part of their daily wellness routine as those that suffer from the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Stones in the gall bladder
  • Digestive disturbances such as diarrhea, chronic constipation, bloating, and excessive gas production
  • Low energy levels
  • Mood swings
  • Liver cirrhosis and other types of liver disease
  • Autoimmune diseases

Coffee enema is growing in popularity in Australia and all across the globe as it?s one of the few natural treatment strategies that effectively cleanse and purify the digestive tract within a short period of time.

The Gerson Cancer Therapy and Coffee Enema

The Gerson Cancer Therapy is a strict treatment protocol consisting of healthy dietary requirements, consumption of dietary supplements, and performance of coffee enemas. This cancer treatment strategy was formulated to immediately remove toxins from the body whilst at the same time improving immune system response against infections. Developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930s, the Gerson Cancer Therapy guarantees up to 50% cure rates. It is the most popular alternative cancer treatment to date. According to Gerson Institute, even cancer patients suffering ??from advanced stages of the disease reveal remarkable improvement in their quality of life thanks to Gerson Cancer Therapy.

The main objective of the Gerson Therapy is to facilitate overall body detox, supply the body with essential minerals like potassium, and stimulate the production of oxidizing enzymes that the body can use to operate at its peak performance. The diet element of the Gerson Cancer Therapy involves the consumption of green leaf juices which in turn creates a healthy environment where the process of cancer cells proliferation or carcinogenesis can no longer continue altogether.

According to Dr. Max Gerson, modern-day diet and food selections cause the nutritional imbalance. For instance, processed foods are packed with sodium but lack other nutrients such as potassium and iodine. Deficiency problems then reduces our protection against certain types of cancer.

The Gerson Cancer Therapy involves following a strict dietary plan consisting of organic foods and the elimination of processed foods from daily det. Along with a clean and healthy diet is the performance of coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are performed at least 6 times daily to improve the functioning of bile ducts resulting in the improved ability of the excretory organs to eliminate wastes from the body. Individuals who are under the Gerson Cancer Therapy perform enemas every four hours to prevent the accumulation of toxins and facilitate efficient elimination of wastes, too.

According to the Gerson Institutes s, quality of life is improved for those who follow the Gerson Cancer Therapy.

How to do a Coffee Enema at Home

People diagnosed with cancer and other chronic medical conditions should perform at least four coffee enemas daily. Consequently, healthy individuals may also benefit from coffee enema at least once a week for liver detox, remove accumulate wastes from the colon, and other impurities that may have laid stagnant in the gut.

Here are pointers to remember when performing coffee enema at home:

  • Only choose to use organic, light to medium roast ground coffee to prepare enema solution.
  • Ready an enema kit to facilitate the introduction of enema liquid into the colon. Add 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds in 4 cups of distilled water and bring to a boil.
  • Let the mixture simmer for 15 minutes before straining the coffee grounds from the enema solution.
  • Make sure to cool the enema liquid before transferring to an enema bucket or enema bag. Never use hot and cold enema liquid, as the latter may cause burns along the rectal canal and colon. Cold enema liquid may shock the system and cause more gastric disturbances.
  • Always use lubrication when inserting the enema tube into the rectum. You can use olive oil or coconut oil to lubricate the tip of the tube and the opening of the anal sphincter.
  • Hold the enema solution in the colon for at least 15 minutes. Coffee enema is retention type enema which means that you need to hold it for a few minutes so beneficial coffee compounds have enough time to reach the liver. This process also loosens up impacted stool and wastes from the colon resulting in immediate evacuation of bowels.

Now that you are armed with knowledge about the benefits of coffee enema as well as steps on how to do it at home, you can now purchase your own enema kit by clicking here. You may also call us at 1330 475 877 for enquiries.

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