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Image of an organic coffee to fight cancer, by Coffee Enemas Australia

Are you looking to get started with coffee enemas as a viable and holistic treatment for cancer but do not know where to start? Can enemas cure colon cancer and other dreaded diseases? Perhaps you are interested in adopting the enema lifestyle as a preventive measure against cancer and keep healthy? In any case, you would want to learn as much as you can about the procedure especially when your health is on the line.


In this post we will take a good look at the use of coffee enema as a holistic cancer treatment and how it works. Also, we will consider a few important things that one ought to keep in mind when taking the procedure. Only then can you expect to benefit from the process and while the success rate for Gerson Therapy is high (an alternative cancer treatment that involves the use of coffee enemas), one has to go about it the right way


Coffee as a colonic irrigation for treating cancer

So what is Gerson Treatment? You have surely heard of it if you have been looking for information about taking coffee enemas as a form of cancer treatment. As mentioned above, the treatment involves just that and emphasises the importance of boosting a patient’s immune system and drastically lowering toxicity levels in the body.


Now the procedure is named after Dr Max Gerson; the German-American physician that developed the treatment in the early 1920s initially as a natural remedy for a migraine. It was not long after that the doctor found the same treatment can be administered to his terminally ill patients most of which showed remarkable improvements. He published the viability of the treatment with 50 case studies that describe the process and results of the patients involved most of which were ultimately declared cancer-free.


Unfortunately, the medical community is yet to acknowledge Gerson therapy and coffee enemas as an alternative cancer treatment. However, any doctor would tell you that cancer cells are present in the body even amongst healthy individuals. In the case of the latter, the body’s immune system can keep the cancer cells in check.


Holistic experts point out that the key towards naturally curing cancer is to restore the body’s natural balance and dramatically reducing toxicity levels in the body? There is no better way to do that than with coffee enemas.


Coffee enemas for liver cleansing and cancer cure

The Gerson therapy schedule also involves taking coffee enemas 3 to 4 times a day or every 8 to 6 hours. Your therapist might also suggest that you take nutrient supplements like potassium and vitamin B12. The coffee enema washes away lodged waste and toxic substance deposits in the colon by stimulating deep bowel movement and increasing bile production in the liver. By keeping the body free from contaminants, your body can cope better and naturally get rid of cancer.


Of course, coffee enemas are not just for individuals with cancer trying to find an alternative and holistic treatment. Surely you would agree that prevention is better than cure and it would be best to start taking the enema as a preventive measure against cancer and other debilitating diseases.


Are coffee beans organic?

Now that you have learned a great deal about coffee enemas as an alternative cancer treatment, there are a few things that you would do well to keep in mind when taking the procedure the first time. For one thing, you would want to make sure that you only use organic coffee beans in your enema solution. Why is this so?


Most commercially available coffee beans come with all sort of preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Both can be dangerous when taken internally as you may end up introducing more toxins into your body. Hardly the result that you would be aiming for when you are taking the enema to detoxify your body.

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