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The Two Enema Solutions That You Can Use For Home Enemas article image by Enema Kits

If you?re a fan of holistic health and wellness, then you definitely need to learn about the health benefits of an enema.

As everyone knows, a healthy balanced diet is essential for good health. In addition to this, your body also needs to eliminate all the toxic wastes that have accumulated in the colon over time.

Although the body has its own way of eliminating wastes, there are particulates that are simply impossible to flush out of our system naturally. ?This is where the use of enema solutions comes in.

Enema solutions are categorised into two main groups:

  1. Water and
  2. Herbs, coffee, and other liquid infusions

The two most common types of enema that can be performed at home are clear water enema and coffee enema. These two colon cleansing and detox techniques will be discussed at length down below.

The Steps in Doing a Clear Water Enema

A clear water enema is ideal for enema newbies. This procedure is also the perfect primer to a detox coffee enema. A clear water enema is suggested for those who are undergoing fasting or a juice cleanse. Ideally, you need to do at least one enema daily to get the best results from a 7-week juice cleanse or fasting period.

1. Assess water quality and identify ideal water temperature

For clear water enema, you need to use distilled water at all times. Never use tap water as this may result in an electrolyte imbalance or introduction of bacteria in the colon.

Before introducing water into the rectum, make sure the temperature is not too hot nor too cold. Lukewarm water or room temperature water is best for an enema.

2. Complete your home enema kit

Make sure that you prepare everything required to perform an enema efficiently. You need a complete line of enema products as well as the best enema solution to get the job done right. In the case of a clear water enema, you only need to make sure that the water is distilled. A home enema kit can be purchased online. Remember that the equipment used in an enema cannot be shared with others for hygiene reasons. If other family members also plan to have enemas, they would need to get their own equipment.

Sanitise your enema kit including tubing, clamps, and enema bag. Use lubrication to facilitate easy entry of the tubing into the rectum.

Make sure the tip that you use has a smaller opening. Rubber or plastic tubings featuring larger diameter and numerous holes are for vaginal insertions.

You need to secure one end of the tubing to an enema bag or bucket. If you prefer a shower line enema, connect one end of the tubing onto the water line.

Prior to an enema procedure, clamp the distal end of the tubing to ensure that no water passes through the line before insertion.

The enema bag or bucket should be hung 12 to 18 inches above the floor. Instead of hanging the bag from a door handle, it is best to hang it on a towel rack or the shower rod. Make sure that the bag isn?t too high as this may disrupt the efficient flow of water from the enema bucket and into the rectum.

Again, it?s important to use lukewarm or room temperature water for clear water enemas. Cold water can result in unwanted contractions. Warm water on the other hand feels comforting and relaxes the muscles.

1. Spread a towel on the floor

You need to be as comfortable as you can during an enema. This can be quite tricky for first timers. However, if you want the enema to be a success, make sure to calm your nerves and prepare yourself mentally for this procedure.

Comfort is your top priority before conducting an enema. If you are too anxious or nervous, it may be difficult to insert the tubing into the rectum.

You can enhance the comfort level by using a pillow while lying down during an enema.

2. Position yourself nearest the toilet

After holding water inside the rectum for a few minutes, you will feel the urge to expel all the contents of the colon. To minimise the mess, we highly suggest that you position yourself near the toilet bowl. It?s also easier to clean the toilet after an enema. You simply flush the waste that you have collected from an enema. If you decide to do an enema in the shower, be prepared to clean up the mess. If you want an easy and simplified way of doing an enema, it?s best to perform the procedure near the toilet bowl.

Other important pointers when doing a plain water enema:

  • Use a lubricant during insertion. If you don?t have a water-based lubricant, reach for the olive oil or coconut oil in your kitchen.
  • Play relaxing music as this will make it easier for you to insert the tubings. You should also pee before an enema to reduce the pressure in the bladder- a condition that can make it more difficult to retain the water inside the colon.

The introduction of water inside the colon should be repeated until the water coming out runs clear. Clear water flushing out of the rectum means that the descending colon is thoroughly cleansed and free from impacted waste and fecal matter.

A clear water enema typically uses up to 6 liters of water. It will take up to three enema bucket refills until the water runs clear.

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The Steps in Doing a Coffee Enema

Coffee enema is a natural detox method that inspires optimal health and wellness. It?s utility goes beyond colon cleansing. This home enema procedure is performed to reenergize the liver, thus helping it perform its function of cleansing the blood of impurities and toxins.

The use of organic coffee beans is crucial for coffee enemas. You can?t use regular caffeinated coffee mixtures if you want to optimise the benefits from a coffee enema. In addition, regular coffee is teeming with chemicals that may pose damage to the liver.

Coffee enema benefits are plentiful. Aside from the usual colon cleansing and liver detox effects for which it is known for, this colon detox procedure is said to raise glutathione S-transferase levels, which in turn help the body in warding off diseases and substances that speed up aging.

High levels of caffeine and palmitic acid on organic coffee beans draw out harmful toxins that may have accumulated in the colon. Toxic wastes are expelled from the liver with the help of the enzyme, glutathione S-transferase.

  1. Coffee preparation. For one session, you will need 3 tablespoons of coffee added to 1 quart of distilled water. Bring the mixture to a boil. Once boiling, turn the head down and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the coffee grinds or coffee beans and let the coffee enema solution cool down.
  2. Follow the clear water enema steps that we have listed above. During a coffee enema, you need to retain the solution for 12 minutes up to 15 minutes at most. Ideally, you need to lay on your right side when doing a colon cleansing enema. This position will help in retaining the coffee solution for a longer period of time.
  3. Release the coffee solution when 15 minutes have elapsed. Wellness experts recommend a coffee cleanse at least twice weekly for best results. It is also important to hydrate and replenish water reserves in the body after a coffee enema. You can do this by increasing water intake or by preparing a veggie and fruit smoothie.

What are the benefits of doing enema at home?

A colonic irrigation session is typically done at a clinic. An enema on the other hand may only be done at home. If you adhere to a coffee enema session twice a week, you will successfully raise glutathione S-transferase levels. This can mean greater resistance to disease and infections.

Other benefits that can be derived from clear water and coffee enema:

  • increased circulation
  • energy boosts
  • sound sleep
  • mental clarity
  • better focus and concentration
  • natural and safe weight loss aid
  • reduce risk of colon cancer
  • enhances mood
  • clear skin of blemishes and skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema
  • increased immune system functioning

Understanding the benefits that you can get from regular home enemas should be more than enough reason to invest in your very own personal home enema kit today. A home enema, whether it is a plain water or coffee enema, is an excellent practice that you can add to your wellness routine.

If this is your first time buying enema equipment for home use, we will do our best to assist you with your purchase. Click here or call 0414 064 491 to learn about the wide array of enema kits and ingredients you need to get started with an enema at home.

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