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What is a Coffee Enema?

A coffee enema is a procedure for cleansing your liver and colon. It also detoxifies your body naturally, safely and in the privacy of your own home. The process involves filling enema equipment with a liquid coffee enema solution. The enema equipment has a tube with a rectal tip which is inserted into the rectum. You lie on your side and the coffee enema solution enters the colon.

What is the purpose of a
Coffee Enema?

Coffee enemas assist the body in several ways – the most beneficial way comes from the coffee enema solution stimulating the liver and gallbladder to detoxify toxins from the liver.  Once the liver is stimulated it produces extra bile. The enema then helps to remove and flush out toxins from the body – The enema procedure also helps to clear the colon of built-up waste helping relieve constipation and bloating.

It’s a beautiful relieving feeling to be clean and unbloated.

Benefits of
Coffee Enemas

Improves your digestive system

Prevents constipation related illnesses

Improves circulation, boosts energy and provides insomia relief

Improves concentration

Provides the perfect start to a weight loss program

Relieves head pressure, headaches and migraines

Cleanses the Liver and naturally detoxifies the body

What You Need

An enema kit

Enema Coffee ( coffee for enemas is not drinking coffee, it is made especially for enema use only).

The best place to give yourself an enema is in the bathroom (ie. close to the toilet) lying on a couple of towels for comfort and possible spillage. If you have one, lay a yoga mat on the ground first and put the towels on that for extra comfort. A pillow can help support your neck too.

Spring or filtered water

Your phone/watch (to time your enema - you are aiming to hold the liquid for 7-15 mins) for maximum benefit

Remove Toxins & Waste Naturally

Here are our top selling, easiest-to-use beginners kits with full, clear instructions.
It’s the easiest way to get started.

Silicone Enema Bag Coffee Enema Kit with Organic Coffee Enema Solution Pouches Air Roasted Fairtrade Gerson

Steel Enema Bucket Coffee Enema Kit with Organic Coffee Enema Solution Pouches Air Roasted Fairtrade Gerson


Hi, I’m Pete Vander Kallen & I’ve been healing my body from sun damage for many years.
And from countless herbal treatments, my liver accumulates toxins, while eliminating my damaged flesh from using the herbal drawing ointment. I have been using coffee enemas now for the past 10 years, which releases these toxins from my liver allowing me to sustain a healthy liver while undergoing these treatments. Amd I have found that the company: Behind Health Australia has an amazing 10% certified organic high caffeine coffee, which I would highly recommend for premium liver detoxification, and I am very happy to found this product!

Pete Vander Kallen

“I do a coffee enema every day I can and I feel so much better for it each and every time.”

I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of coffee enemas to begin with but the team at Coffee Enemas talked me through what I would need and was just so incredibly helpful. They set me up with the right compact equipment to use whilst travelling around the country in a caravan.
I never thought I’d be one to do coffee enemas but after being exposed to toxic mould and having my detox pathways shut down I really needed to give my body the extra help it needed to detoxify, and doing regular coffee enemas is one of the most important things to do on the path to recovery from a heavy toxin exposure like I experienced.
I especially like the organic turmeric enema blend they have. I do a coffee enema every day I can and I feel so much better for it each and every time.
Thanks again Coffee Enemas team!

Emily Becher

“If your skeptic like me just get it? Less than $100 for good health??!”

Look i watched hours of YouTube videos and went on websites to google the benifits for months and finally decided to get this pack? Its changed my life. I sleep better, i can wake up easier? My stomach isnt as bloated and i just feel amazing. Will be doing this for a long time!? just try it?! my doctor even said there is no harm in trying it!


So easy to use and I love how natural it is.

?It felt amazing, and the results were more than I expected, really purifying.
What an amazing product pack!”

I was skeptical about trying this in the beginning but I have been blown away by the simplicity and the results. My bloating has reduced substantially and I feel cleaner, brighter and healthier.


Remove Toxins & Waste Naturally


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