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Top Enema Products You Need For Your First Coffee Enema Session by Love ThyselfCoffee enema serves two main functions, first, coffee enema is the most effective and natural way to cleanse the liver. Secondly, the retention of liquid coffee in the colon softens the stool resulting in regular bowel functions.

The liver is the primary organ responsible for processing and eliminating toxins from the body.

Given we live in a toxic world, the liver needs a bit of help in straining out toxins and keeping the body healthy at all times. This is where coffee enema comes in! This extremely powerful procedure rids the body of toxins, impurities, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals so your body resumes its normal functioning. Coffee enemas are best for those who suffer from chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders.

History of Coffee Enema

Coffee enema was introduced by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930s. ?It was originally created specially for cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy among others. Given that many types of cancer are produced due to high estrogen levels, compounds found in coffee are efficient in metabolising estrogen as well as reducing their concentrations in the body. In addition, enema using coffee is a powerful pain reliever, and reduces the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety attacks and depression among many others.

How does coffee enema work?

Coffee enemas is a far better cleansing alternative than plain water enema. Here are reasons why:

  • Coffee contains theophylline, caffeine, theobromine, and caffeine. These compounds travel along the capillary bed located along the rectum, into the portal vein, and ultimately to the liver. In addition, the compounds open up blood vessels and dilate bile ducts. This process then allows the liver to release toxins from bile.
  • In addition, caffeine is shown to stimulate the production of a specific enzyme in the liver called glutathione S-transferase. Also dubbed as the master antioxidant, glutathione S-transferase has been proven to reduced toxin levels by 700%. Glutathione also reacts with free radicals so they can be eliminated from the body. The free radicals that are killed by glutathione are then dissolved in the bile, and are transported from the liver to the gall bladder. Once the toxins are in the gall baldder, they travel to the intestine for permanent elimination.
  • During the 15-minute retention coffee enema procedure, the body?s circulation passes through the liver at least 4 times. During these times the blood then transports the toxins from other organs and into the liver.

What enema products do I need for my first session?

  • Coffee enema bucket

A coffee enema bucket is a storage container for your liquid coffee. Although there are three different types of enema buckets, stainless steel buckets are most preferred as they are easy to clean and sanitise. Stainless steel does not react with the acids found in coffee. Additionally, steel does not leech making the bucket a great investment especially for individuals who want to perform the procedure over a long period of time.

  • Coffee enema bag

If you?re a first time user of coffee enema, you may want to check out coffee enema kits instead. ?As the container bag is made from silicone or rubber, reusing them is not advisable. They are hard to clean and dry. The only advantage of using coffee enema bags is that they are flexible so you can pack them during your travels, too!

  • Clamp
  • Tubing
  • Lubrication

Of course, you will need superior quality coffee for enema purposes. Alternative medical professionals suggest buying organic coffee beans as they are grown and cultivated naturally and without the help of fertilisers and pesticides.

The Benefits of Coffee Enema

The lowering of blood toxin levels as a result of performing regular enemas are important for those suffering from chronic illnesses and certain acute medical conditions. In addition, the administration of coffee enema on a regular basis also delivers the following advantages to health and wellbeing.

  • Increased production of energy on a cellular level
  • Improved tissue integrity and repair capabilities
  • Enhanced cellular recovery and regeneration
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Cleaning and healing of toxic colon
  • Less incidence of acid reflux
  • Alleviates different types of pain
  • Enhanced sleep patterns
  • Clears skin breakouts such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis
  • Enhanced mental clarity and mood
  • Kills off parasites and candida infections
  • Alleviates the pain experienced during migraine attacks

How often should coffee enema be performed?

During the initial detoxification stage, it is recommended to perform coffee enemas two to three times per week. Individuals diagnosed with cancer and are advised to undergo The Gerson Cancer Therapy, coffee enema is prescribed at least 6 times daily.

For healthy individuals who do not suffer from cancer or are not suffering from chronic illness, we recommend doing a coffee enema once a week.

For individuals who aren?t suffering from an illness, excessive use of coffee enemas can lead to mineral depletion. If you plan on doing coffee enema more than once a week, make sure to support your diet with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Once you have performed the enema a couple of times, your body will tell you how toxic it feels. This will then provide you with a guide on the frequency of coffee enemas you need to do in a month. After your initial cleansing, you will only need to perform weekly enemas.

How to perform a coffee enema?

  • You will need a 2-quart stainless steel enema bucket for coffee enema. A bucket is preferred as the contents are easier to pour into a solid container. In addition, stainless steel or glass enema buckets are also easier to clean, dry, and store. They do not leech nor do they react to the acids found in coffee. if you don?t like the idea of a bucket shaped container, we recommend getting superior quality silicone bag instead.
  • Prepare the liquid coffee by soaking coffee beans into boiling water. Ideally, the coffee for enemas should be of light to medium roast. If your aim is for liver detox, light to medium roast coffee contains high amounts of palmitates and caffeine that cleanses the liver and triggers glutathione production.
  • Place three cups of distilled or purified water in a pan. Let It boil. Once the water starts boiling, pour two to three tablespoons of organic coffee beans. For beginners, we highly recommend starting off with one teaspoon of coffee beans only. This is important as it helps you identify if you are sensitive to coffee. Let the coffee beans boil for five minutes. Set aside and let it cool down.
  • You may prepare a large volume of coffee once a week. You simply need to store your liquid coffee in the refrigerator so it doesn?t spoil.
  • Do not use the liquid coffee if it?s still hot. Make sure it is at room temperature so you don?t get burned from the boiling liquid preparation upon injection.
  • Strain the liquid coffee to get rid of both grounds and beans.
  • Make sure to evacuate your bowels before the enema. You may also perform a clear water enema prior to your coffee enema session.
  • There is no other perfect place to perform an enema than in the bathroom. ??Lie on the left side and start inserting the tube. If you?re having a hard time inserting the tube, you will need a lube. You can use olive oil, coconut oil or KY jelly for pain-free and easier access to the colon.
  • Once inserted, open the clamp and let the solution flow from the bucket and to the colon via the rectum.
  • Make sure to retain the coffee solution for at least 15 minutes. One excellent tip that you can follow is to change positions after every few minutes. This will totally reduce the discomfort and help you retain the coffee liquid longer.
  • Once the 15 minutes are up, you need to evacuate your bowels until it is empty. You will need to increase your water intake too as the procedure can lead to dehydration.

Truly, the benefits of coffee enema are plentiful. From natural liver detox, colon cleansing, weight loss and even clear skin, coffee enema delivers excellent results.

To check out the enema products that you will need for your next colon cleansing session, click here. If you have any enquiries regarding our selection, you may also reach us on0414 064 491 today!


  • April 18, 2018

    Gemma Walter

    Thank you for making your knowledge available to your customers. I’ve struggled with bowel issues for years and have used several medication without much success, until I’ve got to try coffee enemas. I ‘m now feeling better every day!


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