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Are you interested in trying enemas as a detox solution but don?t want to spend much in the process? Perhaps you?re travelling for a few days and don?t wish to miss out on your enema sessions? If so then disposable enema kits in Australia might be the perfect option for you.

Why exactly is this so?

For one thing, disposable enema kits are very affordable costing a fraction of the price of reusable enema kits. These enema kits are also very convenient as they are ready to use out of the package and portable enough to lug around on leisure or business trips. Hence it?s a good option for the budget-conscious and people who travel on a frequent basis. Most disposable enema kits even come with a lubricated tip enabling immediate use as you normally would and simply discard of it once you?re done.


A comparison on the price of enema kits

So just how affordable are disposable enema kits in Sydney? To get a good idea on the matter, let?s compare its cost with other types of enema kits:

  • A 1.5 L disposable enema kit would cost you around $9.95. You can even purchase them in a packs of 3 for less than $25.
  • A reusable rubber enema kit would cost you around $34
  • A reusable silicone enema kit would cost you around $59
  • Stainless steel reusable bucket enema kits generally cost around $69

While disposable enema kits are more affordable, the costs can add up over time and if you?re going to continue taking enemas on a regular basis then it would be much more practical to invest in reusable ones. A silicone enema kit can last at least 2 to 3 years which makes it a good long term investment for anyone looking to get on-board with the enema lifestyle.

There are also more portable options in reusable enema equipment for frequent travellers – enema douche, enema bulb irrigator, etc. Of course if you?re not too keen about cleaning up after, then it would make sense to stick with a disposable option.


What to expect out of a complete reusable home enema kit?

Regardless of how affordable a disposable enema kit is, it ought to already contain everything that you need to get started. This of course includes the enema bag (at least with a 1500 ml capacity), pre lubricated enema tip, a set of tubing, clamps and usage instructions. Some disposable enema kits also come with soap and leak proof pads for added convenience.

While it isn?t necessary, there are also disposable enema kits that come with a ready made enema solution. These generally cost extra; around $9 for a pouch of ready to use organic coffee enema solution. Of course you can make your own to mitigate the added cost although that is usually not an option when travelling.


Precautions on the use of disposable equipment for enemas

Never reuse disposable enema kits for any reason. It might be tempting to do so given it?s low cost but it?s important to use enema equipment as intended and discard of it once you?re finished.

Most disposable enema kits are made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic which is cheap to produce but starts to break down once used. Toxic substances can leak from the material and get injected into the body if you choose to ignore the warning and use it repeatedly. Surely not the result you had in mind when you started taking enemas?

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