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Most cancer patients believe medication or chemotherapy are the only forms of cancer treatment. For those seeking a holistic and natural treatment alternative, there?s also the option of the Gerson method.


What exactly is the Gerson method?

The Gerson method is a natural treatment option for cancer which activates the human body’s self-healing ability through the consumption of ?a plant-based diet, raw organic juices and natural supplements. The method also requires the use of coffee enemas to get rid of toxins in the colon.


The success rate of Gerson Therapy for cancer treatment varies between individuals. Practitioners are of the opinion that the Gerson Therapy is ineffective if the dietary guidelines are not strictly followed or combined with guidelines of other nutritional healing programs. This is because the dietary guidelines are designed to activate biochemical processes to promote healing in a specific way.

One of the questions which often arises is, ?How Much is the Gerson Therapy?? The amount you would spend on the Gerson Therapy is significantly less than what it costs for chemotherapy and surgery. Apart from the cost of supplements, the main expenses relate to the cost of buying organic fruits and vegetables.

Gerson Therapy Diet Plan

The juices and foods constituting the Gerson Therapy Diet Plan are critical to its effectiveness, just like medication is to allopathic treatment.

While the Gerson Therapy Diet is primarily associated with cancer treatment, it also helps in the treatment of other health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The Gerson Therapy diet helps restore the body to optimal functioning by:

  • Supporting the vigour of intestinal flora which helps with food digestion and protects against certain kinds of infection.
  • Restricts dietary sodium in cells and supplements the diet with potassium by managing abnormal water retention.


The accomplishment of these goals is done through the consumption of fresh, organic produce all year round comprising fruit and vegetable and fruit juices in addition to whole grains, cooked vegetables and whole fruits.


The Max Gerson diet plan is supplemented with minerals, vitamin B12, thyroid extracts and pancreatic enzymes.


Gerson Therapy Juicer

For the Gerson Therapy to have the highest chance of success it is recommended that the right type of juicer be used.

The Gerson Therapy diet involves the consumption of large amounts of vegetable nutrients and fruit. High-speed blenders are not recommended for juicing as the blades rotate at high speeds leading to a loss of vital nutrients and enzymes.

Juicing, on the other hand removes the bulky fibre from the ingredients and so enables the patient to receive all the nutrition benefits in an easy to consume drink.

Using a two-stage juicing process is believed to produce the best results as it first grinds the vegetables and fruit, mixing the pulp together. Secondly, it presses the pulp to extract the juice.

Gerson Therapy treatment practitioners believe this two-stage process of juice extraction draws out more vitamins, essential enzymes, minerals and other vital nutrients that help with healing.


Gerson Therapy reviews

While you can read the case histories of Gerson Therapy successes, the best reviews are from hearing from patients who have benefited from the therapy. The Gerson Institute website has several videos of people who have benefited from the Gerson Therapy diet.

Key to the success of Gerson Therapy is regular coffee enemas, which help clear the colon of hardened faeces which accumulate as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and ingestion of chemicals.

The simplest way to get started with a coffee enema in the privacy of your home is to order a quality enema kit which has everything you need to get started. For more details, Check out our website or call 0414 064 491 to place an order.

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