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Image of a patient on Gerson Therapy, Image by Coffee Enemas

Dr Max Gerson founded the “Gerson Therapy” in the early 1930s initially as a holistic treatment for migraine attacks from which he struggled with on a regular basis. Over time, the doctor expanded the treatment and found that it worked just as well on treating degenerative diseases and cancer.


Practitioners of the treatment believe it reactivates the human body’s organic self-healing ability and has no harmful side effects. So does the Gerson therapy work? Let us find out.


Before we get into any statistics about the Gerson Therapy, it would be prudent to learn a thing or two about what the treatment entails. Only then can we make sense of the many Gerson Therapy testimonials and success stories you might have already heard so much about online.


The strategy usually focuses on cleansing the body of toxic substances that go into our body every day primarily through the food that we consume. ?Gerson treatment requires adhering to a rigorous low-salt, low-fat, vegetarian diet and drinking juice out of approximately twenty pounds of fresh produce every day


The Gerson cancer treatment involves the following:

  • As much as thirteen glasses of uncooked green-leaf juices and carrot/apple juices daily
  • A diet comprising vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables available for snacking daily


Along with adhering to a natural vegetarian diet, cancer patients ?take the following supplements:

  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Pancreatic Enzymes
  • Thyroid Hormone


The last step of the Gerson treatment is the cleansing of the body via the use of coffee enemas. ?Patients with cancer take as many as five coffee enemas every day. The process is intended to alleviate any stress on the liver that could happen as the body attempts to purge all the germs and toxic substances which have entered the body.


Moreover, these enemas are demonstrated to have raised the body’s absorption of Vitamin A, which has a vital role in the human body’s immune function and enabling them to better deal with precancerous cells in the body.


Gerson Therapy survival rates

Regrettably, the medical community and the press have often misrepresented the survival rates for cancer patients undergoing the Gerson therapy. ?A current study of melanoma patients discovered that Gerson treatment is often a lot stronger than conventional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy minus the adverse side effects.


In one study, 100 percent of patients with localised melanoma lived for five years using the Gerson Therapy. ?In comparison, just 79 percent of patients who received more conventional treatments (radiation and chemotherapy) survived.


The survival rates reported for other types of cancer remained substantially higher than those reported elsewhere too. Furthermore, an Australian analysis of the Gerson treatment revealed it provided patients with a greater quality of life through their treatment compared to conventional procedures. ?According to the analysis, patients reported they received more significant pain relief along with a lowered example of hypercalcemia (in patients with bone metastases). Patients with breast cancer had better liver and kidney function which both help kept the dreaded disease from reoccurring.


How much can you expect to pay for Gerson Therapy

Clinics licensed to provide Gerson Therapy to cancer patients charge around $5,500 per week. In most cases, patients are required to stay for a minimum of two weeks which is about the time it takes for the treatment to yield any significant impact on the body.


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