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Are you looking to visit a colonic hydrotherapy clinic for a thorough cleansing? Perhaps you?ve just heard about some of the amazing benefits of colon cleansing — weight loss, whole body detox, better digestion and colon health, etc — and would like to experience the same. In any case, you would do well to learn everything that you can about the procedure and how it can be done safely and effectively.

So what is a colon hydrotherapy treatment? What are steps involved in the process? These are all perfectly good questions to start with, especially when you?re looking to undergo a colonic for the first time.

Simply put, colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy refers to a therapeutic procedure for ?gently cleansing of the colon by the continuous flow of warm water through the rectum. The goal is to eliminate embedded toxins and faecal matter on the colon which tends to gradually build up over time. The procedure makes it that much easier for the body to absorb essential nutrients thereby rejuvenating the colon and improving well-being.

Colonic clinics may go about the process a bit differently, but there are general steps that they require you to follow:

  1. You will be instructed to prepare for the colonic by eating a diet rich in grain and vegetables for at least 2 days prior to the procedure. Also during the procedure, make sure your body is well hydrated and that you haven?t eaten anything in the last 2 hours. You also need to avoid taking any alcoholic substances in the last 24 hours. These precautions will ensure that you go about the process safely and mitigate complications such as infection and electrolyte imbalance.
  2. Your therapist will have you lie down comfortably and insert a narrow disposable speculum into the anus.
  3. Treatment starts by injecting a controlled flow of purified water using a pressure machine, cleansing the colon of toxins and faecal matter. Your therapist will carefully monitor the process to ensure the experience remains as pleasant and relaxing as possible.
  4. Your therapist will direct you to a private bathroom where you can expel the contents of your colon. This concludes the process and most people often feel lighter and a sense of relief after the procedure.


Does your colon need cleansing?

Now that you?ve got a good idea with regards to the steps involved in colonic hydrotherapy, you might be wondering whether it?s really necessary in the first place. You?ll find many in the medical community who refute the benefits of colon cleansing and dismissing it as unnecessary if not downright dangerous.

Granted the body does have the natural ability to detoxify itself but let?s not forget all the toxicity brought about by our modern lifestyle. From the ever increasing pollutants in the environment to the very food that we eat; people are introducing a lot more toxins in their body without even realising it. These eventually find their way to the colon resulting in the accumulation of waste and toxin deposits that overwhelm the body in one way or another causing ailments such as constipation, kidney disease and colon cancer. Ailments that were relatively rare a century ago.

Given the situation mentioned above, it is obvious that people need to find ways to supplement the body?s ability to detoxify itself. Colonic hydrotherapy offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

How much does it cost to get a colonic?

Fees tend to vary from one clinic to another. Average cost in Australia is about $80 to $100 for every session.

Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing

Of course colonic hydrotherapy is just one way of cleansing the colon and there are alternatives that you can do at home yourself. Home remedies are a good alternative for people who just don?t have the time to visit a colonic clinic or can?t afford to pay for repeated treatments. Most people also aren?t too keen about having somebody else perform the procedure on them.

One good option comes in the form of coffee enemas which are just as effective in cleansing the colon of accumulated toxin and faecal deposits. The process is similar but in a much smaller scale that people can conveniently do on their own. Instead of filtered water, a caffeinated enema solution which is directly absorbed by the liver increasing bile production and stimulating strong bowel movement for a deep and satisfying cleanse.


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