Wonder Foods – Epsom Salts 750g

Ever felt you needed something that would soothe your aching feet or muscles after a long and arduous day at work? Epsom Salts are a natural solution to those sore muscles! For years, it has proven effective and offers a number of benefits like soothed muscles, treatment of sunburn, decreased swelling, and removal of splinters.


Wonder Foods – Epsom Salts 750g provides natural soothing relief to all sorts of muscle pain and aches that we inevitably experience often in our lifetime. And what do we normally do? Most people would just wait until all the aching will subside but this shouldn’t be the case, it is important to treat ourselves with a natural and effective remedy and this is where it plays a major role.

Epsom salts is naturally occurring magnesium and sulphate which has been proven effective for hundreds of years to treat all sorts of ailment. Studies have also shown that magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed into the skin making it easier to take advantage from its health benefits.

With many benefits in store, there’s absolutely no need to wait for the aches and pain to subside. Simply soak yourself in the tub or do a foot bath with Epsom salts and you’ll be surprised at how good this product works.

Why use Epsom Salts with your skincare regime?

  • Soothes stress & relaxes the body
  • Relief for muscle pain & constipation
  • Treats itch relief from sunburn & poison ivy
  • Decreases swelling
  • Removes splinters
  • Boosts body’s level of magnesium & sulphate

Suggested Use:

Simply soak in a tub with Epsom salts to relieve stress and muscle pain or foot bath for relief of aching feet.

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Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate)

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