Enema Kits Australia – Stainless Steel Bucket Enema Kit 2L

Here’s an enema kit that has a solid, long lasting and high quality stainless steel bucket perfect for your regular enemas. Also included are other parts needed to render a thorough cleansing and detoxification. It can be easily assembled, filled, cleaned and sterilised for everyday use. It can also be used along with our organic enema coffee solution


Enema Kits Australia – Stainless Steel Bucket Enema Kit 2L is the perfect tool to perform successful and thoroughly cleansing enemas. This free standing bucket is designed for ease of use, durability and hassle free cleaning and sterilisation. It is also BPA and latex free which are suitable for those who have sensitivities. It can contain 2L of liquid solution.

The kit also includes other parts you’ll need for the procedure including a 130cm flexible transparent tubing, sturdy metal hook, soft silicone for easier use, flow control clamp, as well as, full instructions and cleaning guide. Finding the right equipment will help you with your regular enemas in the comfort of your home.

Enemas are help with detoxification, constipation, diarrhea, removal of parasites, weight loss, regular bowel movements, increase energy levels and improve our overall well-being.

Product Features:

  • Quality, free standing, latex & BPA 2L free stainless steel bucket
  • Tough metal hook
  • 130ml flexible transparent tubing
  • Flow control clamp
  • Soft silicone tip for ease of use
  • Full instructions plus cleaning guide

Suggested Use:

Simply follow the full instructions and cleaning guide to perform successful enemas conveniently at home.

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