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2 litre Silicone Enema Kit


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This is the top of the range enema kit, made from high quality silicone. It has a 2 litre liquid capacity, and a silicone tip for ease of use. Plus full clear instructions for performing both water and coffee enemas. Also comes with a free Medium roast coffee enema solution pouch.


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Silicone Enema Kit 2 Litre. If you’re looking for a premium quality enema kit, you can’t get anything better in the market than our Silicone Enema Kit. The silicone enema kit has an open top, with a 2 litre capacity and is easy to use. Use this to get a thorough cleanse in the comfort of your home. – premium, durable silicone enema bag – 130cm of flexible tubing – easy to hang hook – 2 litre liquid holding capacity – silicone tip for ease of use – flow control clamp – Full instructions and cleaning guide


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Dimensions 35 × 20 × 5 cm

Coffee Enemas

9 reviews for 2 litre Silicone Enema Kit

  1. Crystal

    5/5! I can’t believe how great this product is. It is every bit as good as I was hoping and easier to clean and dry then I was expecting.

    I received my enema kit from Enema Kits Australia a few weeks ago and am now using it daily. I have already noticed some great changes in my health. Combined with an improved diet I have finally got rid of my itchy skin that reacts to everything, even my work mates have commented on how lovely my skin is and asking what I have been using for it. I have noticed a lessening in my anxiety levels, and the ringing in my ears. I believe that this product has assisted in the intense healing I have been experiencing.
    I would recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about starting any kind of enemas to help in their healing journey. Easy to clean and dry (even though I use mine daily it has always dried between usage), easy to fold up & light for travel.
    Thanks so much, I will be recommending to anyone who asks.

  2. Eddie Chew

    I am amazed that the Silicone Enema Kit is so fast, easy to use and clean compared to the bulb irrigator I previously used to labour alot. Hence I have increased the frequency of my enemas.
    I believe my bowel regularity has been restored during the 6 weeks I have commenced using the Silicone Enema Kit. Other noticeable benefits of enemas I have experienced are glowing skin and less bloated belly .
    I normally do my enemas before bed time and I found that I get a long undisturbed sleep and waking up lighter, very refreshed with full of energy.
    Happy to recommend to anyone wishing to an enema cleansing program.

  3. Kylie

    I was initially sceptical about doing coffee enema’s as part of a health protocol to improve gut microbiome. However I hesitantly ordered the silicone enema kit and it arrived promptly and efficiently, packaged under another name which was great to know when getting it delivered to work. The kit has been very easy to use and easy to clean. I have also travelled with it and it packs flat into any suitcase or bag. I had some problems with the flow through the kit initially and contacted Amanda directly. She has been amazing and so helpful! The customer service is second to none which is very reassuring. Having now been using the kit for over a month I can say as someone who wasn’t quite sure at first that using this kit has made some significant changes to my health. It is easy to use, and most of all transport.

  4. Pasha

    The enema kit arrived promptly. i had been using an older one for the past few years, this equipment is easier to use and to clean. i experience symptoms of fybromyalgia so am currently using the coffee enema every morning for the past 2 weeks. i feel energized after it, like an inner glow. The pain has reduced to almost nothing and i feel more flexibility in my joints.there is no longer any abdominal bloating and i am noticing deeper levels of cleansing than with normal water enemas
    The equipment is easy to store and i feel confident it is doing me good. i thoroughly recommend people buying this product

  5. Kate

    I have found the coffee enemas so easy to use and I definitely feel better. My stomach is flatter and my skin is better. I have more energy and just feel overall much better. I will continue to use the coffee enemas. These products are so good, easy to use and clean and the results are fantastic. I would highly recommend Enema Kits Australia. Their customer service is outstanding as well and the kit arrived one day after ordering…amazing

  6. Roni

    Wow thie enema kit is something everyone needs in their health routine, it take a couple of tries to get the knack of and you notice the health benefits in the same week. Imagine your bowel as a dirty cloth, the enema cleans the bowel ready to clean your body again. The silicone enema kit is super easy to use and clean, don’t hold off your body needs now!

  7. Roni

    Wow! Everyone needs this kit in their health routine, after a week you will notice the difference in your body! The kit is super easy to use and clean after a couple of days you get the knack of it, imagine your bowel is a dirty cloth and you clean it ready for use again! Don’t put it off!

  8. Maxine

    I have only just received my kit and been waiting on the clamp as it didn’t come with the pack. The customer service has been excellent. I am still a beginner but I hope that it will help improve my bloated feelings and also my itchy skin and I am being tested for rheumatoid arthritis and have been feeling awful. Also going through menopause and would like to feel lighter and healthier again as I always have been. I hope that the enema kit will certainly get rid of toxins and eliminate some of the health issues I am experiencing.

  9. kate010177

    Such a great and easy to use kit. Starting with enemas can be quite daunting, but this kit makes things a little easier. So easy to wash and store too!

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