Disposable Enema Kit 1.5 L 3 Pack

This Disposable Enema Kit 1.5 L 3 Pack is straight forward, simply created with an all-inclusive design for easy access especially when travelling. Each disposable bag is best for one time use only and can be dispose after every enema regime. The disposable pack contains all latex free products such as bag, rounded tubing, smooth castille soap, and leak proof pad.

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Get Rid of Harmful Toxins When You’re On the Move with this Light and Compact Disposable Enema Kit. Are you traveling or will be away from home for a few days and need to do your cleansing regime, with our Disposable Enema Kit you don’t need to miss out on your regular enema. It’s light, handy, ready to use and you can dispose it anytime once you’ve completed the process. This Pack Contains: 1500ml bag with leak proof valve 54 inch soft tube Fine and smooth castille soap Tubing clamp which helps you control the liquid flow Leak Proof Pad to prevent leaks and stains It contains 3 sets of Disposable Enema Kit Each packaged in a polybag. It also comes with Full Instruction card. Advantages of Using Disposable Enema Kits Disposable enema bags are commonly used and preferred by people who loves to travel. Handy and can be taken anywhere you go You can keep tract of your cleansing routine Assist you to achieve a balance and healthy life Easy to use and dispose

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