Organic Coffee Enema Grind (Medium Roast) 400gm

Whether this is your first time to try coffee enema or you’re after a quality product, the Organic Coffee Enema Grinds are a reliable and popular choice among our customers. The fairtrade, organic coffee beans are derived from overseas suppliers and are then air roasted, ground and packed in Australia.

You can choose from our Light Golden Roast or Medium Roast, depending on your experience and body needs. The Medium Roast is the preferred choice for most first-time users and a great starter pack.


100% Certified Organic Fair Trade Air Roasted Finely Ground The Organic Coffee Enema Grind is designed to replenish stock for your next coffee enema detox. The medium roast gives a  a very natural yet strong cleaning effect. This is perfect for people who just have started the journey of coffee enemas. And a great option for beginners who want coffee enemas as a lifestyle. Different Kinds of Roast Light Golden Roast coffee beans are roasted at low temperature to release maximum caffeine, producing a high amount of palmitic acid. The enema solution is in light green colour. Medium Roast coffee beans are roasted at medium temperature to release a high amount of caffeine. This also produces a high amount of  palmitic acid. The enema solution has a chocolate brown colour. Your choice will depend on your personal needs or other health regime.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start on a medium roast  to accommodate the caffeine level. As your body gets used to coffee enemas, you can switch to higher levels of roast for optimum cleansing.

Additional Information

How many enemas will 400g produce? The amount of coffee grind is enough for 8-16 enema sessions, however it will depend on how strong you want your coffee. To help you determine the strength of your coffee, a guide sheet has been included to assist you on how to brew your coffee based on your needs.

Why Air Roast? Normal drum roasting involves use of a hot flame beneath a rotating drum. When beans pass over the hot part of the drum where the flame is available, they burn it which gives the beans a cooked or bitter taste. This method enhances the strong coffee flavour. It also produces some carcinogens which is not advisable for ingestion.

What is FairTrade? Fair Trade refers to fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries so they can invest in their businesses and grow their communities for a more sustainable future.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 3.5 cm

Coffee Enemas


100% certified organic, fairtrade coffee beans. (Product contains caffeine)
High caffeine and palmitic acid content, this is lighter in colour than usual coffee due to the air roasting production process and the temperature at which the beans are roasted.

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Q: Do you need a special coffee machine or is it like instant coffee?
— Asked by Kerry on December 23, 2016
A: Hi Kerry, It is coffee grind, so a plunger or percolator will do the job, no special machine needed :)
— http://Sarah%20Kammigan

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