2 Day Organic Coffee Enema Solution Trial

Always wanted to try a coffee enema? The 2 day trial pack contains 2 x 250ml high quality, ready made, organic,100% air roasted coffee enema solution pouches. Designed to cleanse your system of harmful toxins, increase energy and improve your overall wellbeing, this pack is the ideal way to try coffee enema’s in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


  Give your body a health boost and feel lighter plus energetic again. Coffee enema’s are increasing popularity as a nautral way to cleanse your body by ridding your body of harmful toxins. The high caffeine and palmitic acid content of the Gold Blend Air Roasted Organic Coffee Enema Solution ensures the right potency of ingredients required for a thorough cleanse. The coffee enema solution contains 100% Organic air roasted coffee and BEV Filtered water, and is tested to ensure 99.9% purity.  The solution needs to be diluted by adding 750ml of water before it is ready to use. Full instructions are included. The pouches are designed to be leash free and prevent contamination of the coffee mix!

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Q: Hi, How long does the coffee enema solution last in the pouches please? I thought the solution needs to be freshly made each time an enema is done? Thank you.
— Asked by Anna on May 15, 2018
A: Hi Anna. The pouches have expiry dates around 4 months after the date of purchase. The 250ml pouches contain the coffee concentrate which are safely stored inside the airtight packaging for the specified time. Once opened, simply add 750ml purified water to create a fresh enema ready to use. Hope this has helped!
— http://Kim

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