Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes

Eating healthy foods that are easily digestible are essential for gut health. Our body cannot function optimally without eating a healthy diet. Heal Your Gut is an inspiring, important and motivating book that promotes gut health for our body to function as it should. Some people nowadays don’t realise the importance of gut health, and this book can help enlighten you, so you can start living a healthy lifestyle.


Heal Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes is not just any book you’ve probably encountered. It serves a higher purpose and it’s quite important, if you’re determined to live a healthy lifestyle. It promotes a healthy program that is divided into 4 phases; these are doable and uncomplicated stages that anyone can achieve, if they set their heart on healing. Heal Your Gut book allows you to cooperate with the natural gut flora in a positive way. You’ll be provided with a step by step instruction on how to bring your gut healthy into balance with food, in order to achieve optimal health.

Look forward to inspiring and delicious recipes, over 50 which feature only wholefoods and other healthy ingredients that are perfect for healthy and fulfilling breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also recipes for snacks, dessert, and refreshing beverages. The book also covers the important 2-way interdependent relationship between the gut and brain, as well as, other factors that contributes to gut health such as beauty and cleaning products.

Why is Heal your Gut a must-have book?

  • Promotes healthy gut and lifestyle for optimum gut function
  • Easy, step by step instructions to achieve healthy gut
  • Over 50 delicious recipe inspirations to use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Also offers recipes for savoury desserts, refreshing beverages, and satiating snacks

Recommended Use:

Not simply a book to read, feel free to interact and personalise it, scribble your notes and celebrate as you finally achieve a healthy gut.

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