The Truth About Enemas (Digital Book)

This is the complete Ebook on Enemas and will save you hours of searching for information on the internet. From the history of enemas, health benefits and myths surrounding them, you’ll learn the correct way of doing an enema at home. Included are recipes you can try and FAQs which will address your concerns. You’ll also discover the super benefit’s of Coffee Enemas, the favourite choice of celebrities.


Want to know the real truth about enemas and why even celebrities swear by them? This eBook is an easy-to-read guide which explodes some common myths about enema detoxes and has answers to your most pressing questions and concerns. We reveal the history of Enemas, the common myths that surround them, what to expect with your first Enema and how to do an Enema safely from the comfort of your home. The book also covers all the Frequently Asked Questions that many others have asked over the years. Questions that you may want answers to. Most important you’ll know exactly how to carry out the process if it’s your first time and there’s even recipes to help you choose the type of enema detox that’s best for you. There’s really nothing you’ll be able to find on the internet that’s so detailed all in one place.    


Coffee Enemas

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