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Are you wondering about how to do an enema from the comfort of your home? It is a practical alternative to colonic treatments which can cost about a $100 per session and not at all difficult to administer either. That said, it is important that you take enemas the right way so as to avoid complications like infection and rectal perforations.

If you are totally new to home enemas then you probably have some questions of mind especially about the equipment and supplies you will need. Also, you might be curious about how long it will take, how to do it and when is the best time to take an enema. These are all common and perfectly good questions and one that we hope to address in this piece. Let’s get right to it!


Home Enema Kit

So what are some of the equipment that you need for you home enema set up? If you aren?t sure, an easy way to go about it is to purchase a home enema kit which ought to contain everything you need to do the procedure at home:

  • Reusable enema bag (silicone or rubber), usually holds about 2 litres
  • rubber tubing
  • hook
  • nozzle tip
  • Guide and cleaning instructions

Contents of your home enema kit may differ depending on the type you have chosen. Enema douches are portable but hold a limited amount of enema solution. For a complete and thorough detox cleansing, holistic experts recommend coffee enema bags.

Regardless of what kind of enema equipment you are using, it is important that you use it as intended. Never reuse disposable enema equipment for any reason as the material begins to break down after initial use leaching harmful chemicals with subsequent use.


What About the Enema Solution?

You have several options when it comes to the types of enema solution that you can use for your home enema. For best results, experts recommend organic coffee enema and for good reasons. Caffeine is a potent antioxidant all on its own and one that works even better when taken as an enema as it rapidly boosts liver functions and bile production in the body.

For added convenience, you can purchase a coffee enema solution to go along with your enema kit. That way, you have everything you need to get started right out of the box (no pun intended).


Does an Enema Hurt?

Not at all and once you go over the enema procedure, you will find that it offers quite a pleasant and satisfying experience. Check the instructions that came with your enema equipment or go through the following general steps:

  1. Choose an area where you will be taking the enema preferably one that is near the toilet. You would not want to make a mess once you have the urge to expel the contents of your colon.
  1. Fill your enema bag with your solution and hang it at least 2 feet from your abdomen
  1. Set an old towel on the floor where you will be taking the enema and lie down on your back or one side. Gently insert the tip of the nozzle a few inches into your rectum. Don’t force it and avoid any sudden movements to avoid injury. If necessary, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to facilitate the insertion.
  1. Disengage the clamp or anything that restricts the flow of enema solution from the bag. Let the liquid flow into your rectum and hold it in for at least 12 minutes or so. If you are doing the enema for the first time then don’t worry if you cannot retain the solution for that long; you should be able to the next time around as you get used to the sensation.
  1. Expel the content of your colon and repeat the process until you have used up your enema solution.


So there you have it – that is how you do a complete enema at home! Would you like to learn more? Perhaps you are looking to get started with some enema supplies and equipment of your own? We at “Coffee Enemas Australia” would certainly love to help! Call us today on 0414 064 491 or check out our excellent selections of enema products online.

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