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eeAn Overview Of Coffee Enema And How To Do A Coffee Enema At Home article image by Enema Kits Australia

Can coffee really deliver wellness results when used during enemas? The answer to this question will be revealed as we learn everything there is to know about coffee enema – one of the hottest wellness routines according to holistic wellness experts and users alike.

In this article, we will provide you with a thorough overview of coffee enema, and a step-by-step guide on how you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

When do you need an enema?

If you are suffering from chronic issues or are diagnosed with cancer and liver diseases, a coffee enema will help you live healthier and longer. Instead of using traditional medications, using coffee enema as your detox tool will not only help the liver flush out impurities but also produce outstanding wellness benefits to the entire body.

Those who wish to maintain good health are advised to give coffee enema a try. A once a week coffee enema at home will ensure that the liver and colon are free from toxins. It also increases energy levels and enhances mood, thus giving healthy individuals strength to exercise, thus further improving their general health and wellness.

People who are desperately looking for an all-natural weight loss remedy should check out the benefits of coffee enema. The introduction of coffee liquid into the colon triggers peristalsis or the movement of smooth muscles that line the colon. By stimulating peristalsis, you are guaranteed to flush out all impacted waste materials that have accumulated in the colon over time. Combine routine coffee enema with health eating and exercise and see how all the excess kilos shed off in just a few weeks. You will be hitting your ideal weight in no time.

What should I expect from doing coffee enemas regularly?

According to naturopaths and wellness experts, regular coffee enemas can deliver the following benefits:

Increase energy levels and mental alertness

If you have been feeling weak or sluggish, the cause of these symptoms might be deeply rooted in the colon. The accumulation of mucoidal plaque along the colon walls inhibit the absorption of much-needed nutrients. Nutritional deficiency can lead to lethargy, easy fatigability, and malaise among many others. Coffee enema helps increase energy levels by clearing out all toxins, impurities, and mucoidal plaque.

Liver Detox

If you want astounding health transformation, you should start your journey with a coffee enema. It may seem unnatural to have coffee liquid introduced into your colon via the rectal passage, but once you feel and experience relief, you will certainly make time to do it at least once a week. The liver detox benefits of coffee enema are short of amazing. Not only does it assist in clearing out toxins, heavy metals, estrogen, and other impurities from the liver, it also enhances bile release as well as triggers glutathione S-transferase in the gall bladder. The bile acts as a fat emulsifier as well as a catalyst for undigested food particles to pass through the colon at a more efficient rate. Glutathione S-transferase also known as the body?s master antioxidant helps kill free radicals that invade healthy cells and tissues. The benefits of glutathione S-transferase help cancer patients and other patients with chronic disease to deal with their condition on a regular basis.

In addition to liver detox, coffee enema also helps by decongesting the bile ducts which then leads to improved liver function. The presence of sludge and stones in the gall bladder also inhibits the release of glutathione. The presence of caffeine and palmitates in the gall bladder removes gall stones so glutathione S-transferase is released efficiently.

Parasite and Yeast Elimination

Parasite and yeast elimination is yet another benefit from coffee enema. Candida as well las other yeast and bacteria culture may invade the colon and disrupt its natural beneficial flora population. Coffee enema helps restore the gut flora by flushing out Candida and other microorganisms that may disrupt normal digestive functions.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is just one of the end results of performing coffee enema regularly. As coffee enema solution loosens up the impacted fecal material and impurities in the colon, excess body weight is removed immediately after every enema session. According to coffee enema testimonials, you can lose up to 5 kilograms of excess weight after your first coffee enema session.

Although the weight loss results are temporary in nature, wellness practitioners advise men and women who use coffee enema for weight loss to stick to a healthy and balanced diet to further lose more weight over time.

What are the factors involved in a coffee enema procedure?

There are six factors that affect the efficacy and potency of coffee enema.

Enema Solution Volume

The volume of liquid that will be introduced into the colon is an important variable. Typically, the dosage should be at least 1 pint with at least two doses per enema session.

Coffee-Water Ratio

The standard concentration of coffee to water is 2 tablespoons of organic coffee per 1 quart of distilled water. For those with caffeine sensitivity, reduce coffee to one tablespoon per 1 quart distilled water.

Caffeine Concentration

Caffeine strength is a crucial indicator of the efficacy of coffee enema. Coffee blends with high caffeine concentration are more efficient in delivering detox benefits to the liver.


Coffee enema is a retention-type enema which means users need to hold the solution in the colon for no less than 15 minutes per session. The 15-minute retention allows for caffeine and palmitates to reach the liver and gall bladder. In addition, holding the enema solution for 15 minutes effectively loosens up impacted fecal matter, mucoidal plaque, and impurities that have accumulated in the colon.

Coffee Solution Temperature

The temperature of the coffee enema solution is crucial, too. Ideally, the coffee solution should be at room temperature before it can be instilled into the colon. Warm or hot coffee enema solution will result in scalding and bleeding along the rectum and colon walls. Cold water on the other hand is not ideal in that it can lead to shock and discomfort in the colon region.

Enema Container Height

The speed by which coffee enema will enter the colon is determined by the height of the enema container from the ground. Ideally, the enema bucket or bag should be at least 16 inches above the rectum.

These factors are then adjusted to ensure the efficacy of the procedure. In order for you to properly execute a coffee enema, here are the equipment and ingredients that you need:

Coffee Enema Ingredients and Equipment

– 100% certified organic caffeinated coffee
– Distilled water
– Coffee enema filter
– Enema kit that includes a bag or stainless steel bucket, colon tube, and clamp
– Natural lubricant such as olive or coconut oil. KY Jelly may be used for the procedure as well

Coffee Choice

There is a lot of debate surrounding the type of coffee blend to use for an enema. Ideally, you should choose between light or medium roast coffee. According to research, light and medium roast coffee have excellent levels of caffeine and palmitates- the two compounds that deliver the detox benefits to the liver and colon.

It is also important to use 100% certified organic coffee only. Regular coffee does not have the right levels of caffeine and palmitates to deliver detox results.

You should also purchase whole beans to ensure purity. You may grind the beans at home or have it grounded before preparing your coffee enema brew.

Distilled Water

To ensure cleanliness and to minimize the risk of side effects or complications, only distilled or filtered water can be used for coffee enema colon infusions.

Coffee Filter

You need a filter to ensure that no tiny coffee particles can enter the colon.

Coffee Enema Kit

Wellness experts recommend investing on a stainless steel coffee enema bucket for enema use. Buckets are sturdier and can last a long time as compared to disposable enema bags and glass containers. In addition, a stainless steel bucket is more hygienic than silicone, plastic, or glass containers.

Choose rubber colon tube for enema use. They are more pliable and flexible, thus introducing it to the rectum is easier, too. You need a clamp to ensure that the solution does not flow back to the container.


To facilitate easy insertion of the colon tube, make sure to lubricate the tip with olive oil or coconut oil. Lubrication also ensures that the rectal lining as well as the colon are not injured in any way during enema.

Now that you have full knowledge about coffee enema and the vital ingredients and tools used for the procedure, we highly encourage you to purchase your own enema kit and coffee beans today. View our coffee enema detox kits and coffee blends here. Feel free to call us at 0414 064 491 for any enquiries.

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