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By definition, a warm water enema is the process of injecting a liquid solution through the anus to encourage deep bowel movement. The idea is to loosen and eliminate embedded waste and toxin deposits in the body; great for cleansing the colon which has numerous health benefits in itself.

Steps for proper enema cleansing:

  1. Prepare your home enema supplies; the easiest way to do this is to buy a home enema kit. It contains everything you need to do an enema – rectal tip, tube, enema bag, enema liquid, etc. Assemble said kit following the instructions that came with it.
  2. Designate a comfortable and convenient space to do the enema; preferably inside your bathroom. The area should have some place for you to hang your enema bag at least 2 feet from the floor in order for the liquid solution to flow from it once you release the clamp. Keep in mind that you will only have a short time to get to the toilet to expel the content of your colon after administering the enema. Hence you need to make sure you choose a place that?s only a few steps away from the toilet. Fold some towels and place them on the space you?ve designated – you?re nowready to begin the enema process.
  3. Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the rectal-tip of your enema kit then lie down on the floor (on your back or on your side). At this point you should already have filled the enema bag with your liquid solution (preferably organic coffee enema for constipation, IBS, etc.). Carefully insert the tip about 2 inches into your rectum. Remove the clamp and use it to control the flow of enema into your rectum. Once you feel a build-up of pressure; return the clamp to cease the flow of enema.
  4. Retain the enema for as long as possible. For best results, it is recommended that you retain the enema for at least 12 to 15 minutes. Don?t worry if you aren?t able to retain the enema for half as long the first time. Your body will eventually get used to the process enabling you to retain the enema for much longer.
  5. As soon as you sense an urge to expel the content of your colon, remove the tip from your rectum and walk up to the toilet. Expel everything then repeat the process.
  6. Once you?ve used up all your enema solution, it?s time to clean up. Wash and thoroughly sterilise everything with a good amount of hydrogen peroxide (if you?re using a reusable enema). Never re use a disposable enema kit; these are made of plastic and can leach chemicals into your solution if its? reused.

Can you do an enema at home without a kit?

Certainly, and you don?t actually have to purchase a kit to do an enema at home. For one thing, you can make your own coffee enema solution by boiling a mixture of 1 quarts of water and 2 tablespoons of organic ground coffee. You may already have some sort of enema equipment in the house – douche bulb, enema irrigator, etc.

Be careful about taking advice from random people saying that you can make your own enema equipment or anything of the sort. Home enemas are safe so long as you use the right equipment in the proper manner.

Still have some questions about how to give yourself an enema at home?

Now that you?ve learned how to give yourself an enema, all that?s left is to put it into practice. As you may have already realized, it?s not as difficult as you might think. Granted, the practice may seems strange to most people but none is quite as powerful when it comes to naturally detoxifying the body. If you?ve been looking for a proven and completely natural solution to detox your body, then it?s something that is definitely worth looking into.

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