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Are you looking to get started with coffee enemas as a weight loss solution? If you are new to coffee enemas and someone were to tell you that it is possible to shed excess pounds through the procedure, then you would probably have your doubts about the matter. After all, you would most likely not hear about it being advertised as such in the health and wellness industry. So is there any truth about the matter?

A review of coffee enema as a weight loss solution

If you have done your research on some before and after results of the coffee enema, then you would know that weight loss is one of the reasons that tends to draw people into the practice. You may have also found information that refutes the viability of coffee enemas entirely. In any case, you would do well not to dismiss the possibility of weight loss through a coffee enema and learn how the process works or how it is relevant at all to weight loss (or any other benefit you may have in mind). Only then can you decide whether coffee enemas are worth adding to your health and wellness regimen.

Looking through testimonials about the benefits of coffee enemas, you will find that detoxification lies at the heart of the treatment. A shot of caffeine goes straight to the liver where it boosts vital functions such as bile flow and the production of a highly potent antioxidant in the body — glutathione. You have undoubtedly heard of the latter as people pay good money for glutathione supplements in the beauty industry because of ?its whitening effect on the skin. However, what do all these have to do with weight loss?

Weight loss testimonials about a coffee enema? Is there any truth about the matter?

While you may have your doubts about taking coffee enemas as a weight loss solution, the concept is not so far-fetched when you know a thing or two about how the procedure works. For starters, coffee enemas assist the purge of toxic deposits and faecal matter lining the colon and lower intestinal tracts. The total weight of these deposits can be as much as 4 kilogrammes. The importance of such deposits may not seem much, but for someone who has been struggling with weight problems, 4 kilogrammes is a lot and is often enough to kick-start one’s weight loss efforts.

Another way that coffee enema assists with weight loss is that it maximises most of the body’s energy for metabolising excess fat deposits. Such an effect enhances the result of any weight-loss effort such as regular exercise and low-calorie diet strategies which will benefit you in the long term. This explains why by day two, the majority of people trying coffee enema for the very first time frequently notice a boost in energy levels that keeps them energetic ?through the day.

Best deals on enema equipment and supplies for weight loss

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