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Wheatgrass, although similar in appearance to the grass growing in your backyard, is nutrient rich and is packed with antioxidants. Wheatgrass powder can be juiced to a healthy drink which combats hunger pangs, increases energy and helps with weight loss. Low in calories, one of the main components is chlorophyll, which helps in purging toxic chemicals from the bloodstream.


Organic Wheatgrass Powder

The process of making organic wheatgrass powder is quite simple and while you could try it at home, it?s much easier and convenient to buy it from a reputed supplier. The wheatgrass plant is dehydrated using a dehydrator or by drying it in the sun and then crushed into a powder form using a food processor.


The difference between carrying out the process at home and at a manufacturing facility is that in the latter, the process is carried out under controlled conditions to preserve the purity of the ingredients.


Wheatgrass Powder vs. Juice

One of the questions which often crops up is whether wheatgrass powder or wheatgrass juice is most suited for weight loss. The main ingredient in wheatgrass, Chlorophyll, constitutes 70% of the total content and mimics the function of blood haemoglobin.

Proponents of wheatgrass powder believe it has a better nutritional value because the powder form is more concentrated compared to juice which is diluted with water.

Others believe wheatgrass juice provides more enzymes to the body than powdered wheatgrass. In either situation, both forms of wheatgrass cleanse the blood and digestive system. This not only helps with weight loss but also improves the performance of the immune system.

Chlorophyll: The chlorophyll content of wheatgrass juice, made from organic wheatgrass is about 54 mg per serving, while tray-grown wheatgrass juice contains just 8 mg per serving. Wheatgrass powder, on the other hand has 18mg of chlorophyll.

Protein: The protein component of organic wheatgrass is 2.5gms while tray-grown wheatgrass juice contains 550 mg per serving and wheatgrass powder has 1g.

Vitamin C: Freshly harvested wheatgrass has 24mg of vitamin C and tray-grown wheatgrass juice has 1 mg. Wheatgrass powder has about 7-8 mg of vitamin C.

While both wheatgrass juice and wheatgrass powder can contribute to achieving your weight-loss goals, your choice also depends on the time you have and your budget. People with a busy lifestyle may find it easier to mix wheatgrass powder with their morning glass of fruit juice. Another advantage of wheatgrass powder is that it can be stored for a lot longer than wheatgrass juice, which gives you more value for your money.

If you?re just starting out, an online search will help you find wheatgrass powder recipes which will take the monotony out of consuming your daily requirement of wheatgrass powder nutrition.


Wheatgrass Powder Reviews for Weight Loss

Most wheatgrass powder reviews centre around consuming the powder to help meet the daily recommended requirement of greens, which is important to lose weight. Some nutritionists equate consuming a serve of wheatgrass juice as equivalent to a kilogram of vegetables.

Reviews on various ecommerce websites selling wheatgrass seem to suggest that those who live particularly busy lifestyles or find it difficult to maintain a balanced diet believe wheatgrass provides sufficient essential nutrients to compensate for their shortfall. ?It also has no fat and one serving of 32 g has just 5 calories.


Other Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass powder isn?t just great for your waistline. It also helps in warding off diseases such as leukaemia and cancer. Packed with antioxidants, wheatgrass reduces the accumulation of toxins in the bloodstream as well as in bone marrow.

So instead of your morning cup of espresso, add some wheatgrass powder to a glass of fruit juice. Although it will take time getting used to, you?ll be proud to see your waistline quickly shrink.


If you?re looking for the best wheatgrass powder to help you keep those hunger pangs at bay, call 0414 064 491 or visit Love Thyself to place your order online.

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