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Are you interested in learning how to give an enema at home? Perhaps you have heard all about its amazing benefits such as detoxification, weight loss and the treatment of various health problems like constipation. In any case, it is essential that you go about the process the right way. It is safe to say that the results of the procedure may very well depend on it.


In this piece, we will take a good look at the process of administering an enema to yourself. You will find that the process depends on your reasons for taking the procedure and the type of enema equipment that you are using.


How to do an enema for constipation?


  1. If you are looking for one of the most convenient ways of giving yourself an enema to relieve constipation, then you cannot go wrong with a fleet enema. They come ready-to-use with liquid laxative and acts to loosen impacted stools and faecal matter in the rectum without causing problems with the digestive system. In most cases, you should see some results in about five minutes.
  2. So how to give yourself a fleet enema? The enema kits come with instructions, but you can refer to the following steps for an idea of what to expect:


  • Make sure that the fleet enema came in a sealed package for your protection. Take the fleet enema out of the packaging and notice that the tip of the enema is already pre-lubricated with petroleum jelly to facilitate insertion in the rectum with minimal discomfort.
  • Find a quiet place near the bathroom (if not inside it) and set an old towel or some clean rags on the floor. Proceed to lie down on your side or in a knee-to-chest position and gently insert the tip of the fleet enema about 2 inches into your rectum.
  • Slowly squeeze the content of the fleet enema and let it flow into your rectum. Allow at least ?????????2 minutes for the active ingredients in the enema to work its’ magic. You can then sit on the toilet to expel everything.
  • Dispose of everything and clean up — that is it!


Would you rather learn how to give yourself an enema with a water bottle?


Are you feeling a bit inventive and figured you could give yourself an enema using a water bottle? While it is certainly possible to go DIY on your home enema equipment using materials that are readily available at home, we would not recommend it. The risk of infection is far too high, and most water bottles are made from polyethene terephthalate (PET) which is not safe to use in an enema as the material deteriorates quickly. ?It is no exaggeration to say that you may just do more harm than good looking up frugal ways on how to give an enema at home.


For safe and effective results, you would do well to invest in a reusable silicone or rubber enema kit or a disposable one if you would like to try taking an enema while spending as little as possible.


Now that you have learned how to do a fleet enema, you may be eager to get started. First, you will need your own set of enema equipment and supplies. Check out our great deals here at “Coffee Enemas Australia” or call us today on 0414 064 491 for any questions or concerns.

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