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Do you need help and useful advice on the process of coffee colonic irrigation and how to go about doing it yourself? The procedure is not as complicated as you might think and anyone with a keen interest can get it done.

While the practice may seem strange for the majority of people, few are as potent and holistic as coffee enemas when it comes detoxifying the body. After all, the benefits of coffee are well known, and many cannot go through their day without their favourite cup of joe. What most people do not know though is that coffee works even better as a potent detoxifier when taken in the form of an enema. Hence you would do well to learn how to administer a coffee enema and what it can do for you.


So how to do a coffee enema step by step?

Now people take coffee enemas for different reasons and how you go about it would depend on your motivations for doing so. Two of the most popular applications for coffee enemas include constipation relief and as a form of holistic and alternative cancer treatment.

In this piece, we will go over a few simple steps on how to do a coffee enema with the goals mentioned above in mind. Let us get right to it!


How to do a coffee enema at home?

The first step in administering a coffee enema yourself is to, of course, obtain the necessary supplies and equipment. The easiest way to do that is to get yourself a home enema kit which comes with all the essentials – an enema bag or syringe, clamps, flexible tubings, nozzle and perhaps a bag of ready to use coffee enema solution.

Be careful not to use anything that has plastic or PVC on it as these degrade over time releasing harmful chemicals into your enema solution causing your body more harm than good if taken as an enema. For best results, you would do well to stick with rubber or medical grade silicone. If you are not sure what they look like, then you can have a look at coffee enema on Youtube.


Got everything you need? Your enema kit should come with usage instructions. If not, then you can refer to the following steps:


  1. Choose a private area at home where you are comfortable administering the enema. We recommend that the area be somewhere that grants you quick and easy access to the toilet, preferably inside your bathroom. After all, you would not want to get anything on the floor once the feeling of fullness and discomfort sets in as the coffee enema gets into your colon.
  1. Assemble your set of enema equipment according to the instructions that came with your kit. In the case of an enema bag, make sure that you disinfect everything before hooking up the tubes and the rest of the equipment.
  1. Prepare your coffee enema solution. Some coffee enema kits come with the caffeinated liquid that you can readily use for the procedure. If not, then you can make one yourself by boiling 1 quart of filtered water mixed with two tablespoons of ground coffee. In any case, make sure that you use only organic ground coffee with no additives or preservatives of any kind. The idea is to, after all, rid your body of toxins and not haplessly add more.
  1. Got your enema equipment and coffee solution ready? All that is left to administer the enema. If you have created the solution yourself, then make sure you give it ample time to cool. The caffeinated solution should be cool enough to touch before you transfer it to your enema bag, douche bulb or syringe. Lie down in a comfortable position in the area you have designated and apply a right amount of lubricant (water-based) on your rectum and the tip of the enema nozzle.
  1. Now for the hard part – gently insert the nozzle up to three inches into your rectum. If it is your first time taking an enema, then you will likely find the process a bit unnerving. Be patient though and slowly insert the nozzle however long it takes. Take care not to force anything or you end up injuring your colon and the sensitive tissues that make up the anus.
  1. Disengage the clamp or whatever mechanism is present that restricts the flow of enema down the tubing. ?Allow the caffeinated solution to flow into your rectum and all the way to your colon. Re-engage the clamp once the pressure or discomfort sets in. Try your hardest to hold the solution in for at least 12 minutes which is about the time it requires for the caffeine to reach the liver.
  1. Go to the toilet and expel the content of your colon. Repeat the process until you have used up all of your enema solutions.


How to do the coffee enema for Gerson Therapy?

Are you looking to take a coffee enema as an alternative form of cancer treatment? If so, then you will find the process much more involving as you will have to go through a rigorous treatment – the Gerson Therapy.

The growth of cancer cells is often the result of significant toxic levels in the body and marked deficiency in essential nutrients. Daily coffee enemas along with a healthy diet comprised solely of fruit and vegetables aim to drastically lower toxicity levels in the body and ultimately reverse the growth of cancer cells.

The process of taking coffee enemas for cancer treatment is similar to any other with the exception of frequency and adherence to a specific diet plan. Patients need to drink the equivalent of 20 pounds of fruit and vegetable juice recipes daily and take a coffee enema once every 6 to 8 hours or 3 to 4 times daily.
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