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Photo of Stainless Steel Bucket Tube and Tip Only

If you are thinking of embracing the enema lifestyle, you may want to consider using equipment that?s long lasting, reusable and will help you save you money. A high grade stainless steel enema kit is just what you need, especially if you are planning on a coffee enema.


Why purchase Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Tube and Nozzle?

The advantage of buying a Stainless Steel Bucket Tube for your enema kit is that you don?t have to invest money to buy a new enema kit, as this can be expensive. The tube and nozzle are of high quality and are perfectly suited to fit the stainless steel enema bucket. With a little care, you can use it several times. This is the only part you may need to replace, as the stainless steel bucket can last for several decades.


If you already have a stainless steel bucket and were planning to buy a whole new enema kit because you?ve misplaced the tube and nozzle, all you need to do is order the latter so your kit is complete. If there?s more than one person in the family using the stainless steel bucket enema kit, you will need to buy a few spare tubes and nozzles. This is important to follow good hygiene practices.

The enema bucket itself is made from solid stainless steel and can be filled with the enema solution you prefer to use. Once the bucket is full, you can control the amount of liquid you want to release with the help of the flow clamp.


Many people nowadays prefer the stainless steel enema bucket to the red rubber enema silicone bottle which comes with a lid that needs to be screwed on.


This enema system is suitable for any type of herbal infusions. It can help with detoxification and also assist people who find it difficult to have regular bowel movements. You can now use it to easily perform a professional standard of colon cleansing comfortably at home. You can use it on your own or with a partner to assist.


Why Coffee Enemas?

The compounds present in coffee stimulate liver into producing Glutathione S transferase, which is a chemical that is a detoxifying agent in the body. ?The way Glutathione S transferase works is that it binds to the toxins in the colon and which then get expelled from the body with the coffee.


Some important reasons for trying a coffee enema are:

– ?????????Reduces toxic levels by as much as 600%

– ?????????Cleanses the colon

– ?????????Eases bloating, improves bile flow and digestion

– ?????????Detoxifies and helps in repairing the liver

– ?????????Improves mood, mental clarity and increases the body?s energy levels

Coffee Enema Instructions

  1. You will first need to buy a medical grade coffee enema kit, preferably with the coffee solution. This will save you the task of preparing the solution using coffee beans.
  2. Set up a comfortable place in your bathroom and place an old towel on the floor.
  3. Assemble the coffee enema kit by following the instructions that are provided. Hang the bucket with the coffee solution at a height of 1m above the ground.
  4. Lie on the towel on the side with the knees drawn up.
  5. Ensure the nozzle is closed, apply some coconut oil to the tip to make insertion easy. Insert the nozzle until it is about 2.5 cms inside the rectum.
  6. Allow the coffee enema solution to flow into the body and try to retain it for about 15 minutes and then release it into the toilet.

If you?re looking for a high grade stainless steel enema bucket tube and tip in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, you can order it from our online store, Coffee Enemas, Australia or by calling 0414 064 491

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